Opinion | Bona Fide | “Little Dark Age”

Columbia Records. Image used under fair use exemption to copyright law.
A Review of MGMT's "Little Dark Age"
February 15, 2018

In 2007, MGMT took the world on a psychedelic-alternative journey as they created “Oracular Spectacular” within their college dorm room at Wesleyan University. A surprise to all, including themselves,...

Crumbling bridge, State of the Union Address and Winter Olympics

The Allenton bridge, Feb. 5.
February 5, 2018

Local Know: The Allenton bridge south of I-44 is eroding according to residents. Inform: Residents say that the 90-year old bridge in Eureka has been crumbling. One thousand cars on average pass...

Up Close and Personal: Lily Dean

Lily Dean and her camera are  constant companions. She spends many a weekend like this one exploring St. Louis with her friends and taking photos. This photo was taken at the graffiti wall in downtown St. Louis, June 26.
Meet Lily Dean, Eurekana production editor
February 1, 2018

“I couldn’t believe Lily [Dean] signed up for Yearbook Production. I had no idea how we were going to make that work,” Elisha Strecker, publications adviser, said. “Interacting with people petrified...

Opinion | Bona Fide | “SATURATION III”

Album cover publish with express written permission from Orienteer.
January 31, 2018

“The internet’s first biggest boy band”, BROCKHAMPTON defies the boy-band genre creating a group of interlinked rappers that have the perfect chemistry. Ian “Kevin Abstract” Simpson, Ameer...

Thinking outside of the box or breaking into it

This locked box is a problem-solving tool teachers learned about during voluntary professional development sessions, Jan. 24 and 25.
Teachers learn about a tool to break from the routine and help students problem solve
January 30, 2018

It’s the day after the Mr. EHS pageant. You were at school until midnight last night. Once you finally get home, you can barely keep your eyes open. You realize that you have two tests tomorrow, a quiz...

Opinion | Bona Fide | “Blade Runner 2049”

Warner Bros. Image used under fair use exemption to copyright law.
A look at the first of Margherita's must-see movies
January 25, 2018

Note: This is my first film in my must-see films series. "Blade Runner 2049" gets everything right, by creating a masterful story full of the most beautiful human elements and cinematography ever put to...

Winding down with words

Winding down with words
2017 Words of the year
December 18, 2017

As the first semester comes to a close and students leave for winter break, the EHS-hub staff signs off with a few words to think about. These words are our 2017 Words of the year. Wild: uncontrolled...

Cutting edge

Winter temperatures don't stop Carson Estes (10)  from classwork as he cuts the rafters for the roof of a tiny home in Geometry in Construction, Dec. 14.
District overhauls high school program
December 14, 2017

“A typical school day should be going to school and learning lessons in class in order to help prepare you for college or a job,” Alexis Wibbenmeyer (10) said. Students’ typical school day next...

Opinions | Why hate speech is protected speech

Hate speech is protected by the First Amendment.
The First Amendment actually protects hate speech
November 29, 2017

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably...

Digging deep

Keith Baremore, Science, and Bennett Lyday (11) get their hands dirty while examining the parts of the brain.
A look at what should be shaping classroom instruction
October 19, 2017

The lights are off. Slides about the Mongolian Empire illuminate the room. “Nomadic people from the Steppes of Asia. Originally a group of independent tribes” Pastoralists Definition:...

Faculty insight

Faculty insight
September 13, 2017

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