Miller is a reporter for the EHS-hub. She has been on staff since the first semester of her senior year, returning after taking Journalism, Writing, and Reporting her junior year. Word that describes her: extra. She plays ukulele, guitar, and piano, and sings and leads in several bands. She loves to knit, sew, design and create clothing. Conversation she wants to have with the world:

2018 senior columns | The view from here | Grace Miller

Grace Miller, reporter May 14, 2018

Day one. I put on a black t-shirt dress, something that I had picked out specifically to blend in at school. I grabbed my new North Face backpack (the same one everyone has, right?) and double-checked...

Jordyn Hammel and Sarah Guardia (12) pause for a selfie at at Bush Staduim during the senior class field trip, Apr. 11.

A Ballpark Village shooting, a star found guilty of sexual assault and international peace talks

Grace Miller, reporter April 30, 2018

Local Know: A shooting at Ballpark Village in downtown St. Louis left two victims hospitalized, April 29. Inform: Two victims, described as men in their thirties, were severely injured by a shooting...

Norrim Holder (11), Michael Orso (11), Sara Mocker (10), Hayley Jakovich (10), and Cameron Robinson (10) play tug of war, April 29, 2016. Students can take a break from academics by playing games and hanging out at the Rally.

Pulling for a change

The Renaissance Rally will be Friday, April 27
Grace Miller, reporter April 25, 2018

Sitting at a desk for seven hours, five days a week can be stressful. Not only that, but additional mental health issues can pile on the stress for students. Students may feel as though their efforts go...

Krey and Crane stand in Times Square to pose for a picture, Nov. 17.

Taking on the next stage

Seniors Will Crane and Hayley Krey reflect on previous events that brought them to being accepted into New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.
Grace Miller, reporter February 13, 2018

Will Crane (12) and Hayley Krey (12), Eureka Theatre Company members,  have recently been accepted to the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Crane and Krey will be attending...

Will Crane

Grace Miller, reporter February 13, 2018

Crane’s involvement in etc... began his freshman year when he did sound for “Oklahoma.” Aside from One Acts, Crane’s roles include: Lefou, “Beauty and the Beast” Dogberry, “Much...

Hayley Krey (12) performs during rehersal for

Hayley Krey

Grace Miller, reporter February 13, 2018

Krey’s involvement in etc... began her freshman year when she was on props crew for “The Glass Menagerie.” Aside from one acts, Krey’s roles include: Chorus, “Beauty and the Beast” ...

The client's reflection

The client’s reflection

Grace Miller, reporter January 17, 2018

After the style hijack, Margherita and I discussed the different elements as well as the overall results of the project. “It’s nice to see a unique perspective on clothing and to get a different...

Margherita pre-hijack, Dec. 20


Grace Miller, reporter January 17, 2018

  I will be working with Josh Margherita (11) to upgrade his style and presentation. Like my last style hijack with Sarah Myers, I will be partnering with Josh to set some goals for the way that...

Margherits post-hiijack, Jan. 15


Grace Miller, reporter January 17, 2018

My goal for this project is to help Margherita to find his style and to work with him to take this style to the next level. By experimenting with his look and making small changes and tweaks to his...

Margherita pre-hijack, Dec. 20.

Meeting the client

Grace Miller, reporter January 17, 2018

Margherita is a junior who has diverse interests. His passions in life are writing and music and film. He writes for the Hub, and is known for his easy-going attitude and lack of a filter. ...

Margherita pre-hijack, Dec. 20

Style Hijack | Josh Margherita

Grace Miller, reporter January 17, 2018

Margherita post-hijack, Jan. 15

Process and adjustments

Grace Miller, reporter January 17, 2018

Margherita is in the process of growing out his hair but had a fair amount of stray ends with an excess of hair in the back. We decided to get his hair trimmed so that it would lend itself to a more...

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