Dependence on another person never works. Once a partner violates trust, unless the layers are peeled back, sweetening that relationship again is unlikely.

Opinions: Rocca-ing the world: Learning to make lemonade

Lauren Rocca, opinions writer May 4, 2016

Last week Beyonce released her new album “Lemonade,” and it got me thinking. The whole album is one continuous video with speaking parts and heart-wrenching, artistic visuals of what it really feels...

In the league of cliques, no one wins.

Opinions: Rocca-ing the world: The league of cliques

Out of the comfort zone
Lauren Rocca, opinions writer April 27, 2016

High school makes it hard to fit in. With so many labels and social constructs, the way people look and the activities they choose decide who their friends are. It’s like we all have to choose...

The senior class enjoyed a trip to the Cardinals game together, April 14.

Opinions: Rocca-ing the world: Becoming a fan of life

Lauren Rocca, opinions writer April 20, 2016

“You only live once.” I've always thought that I live my life by this premise: YOLO. But recent events have made me doubt that. When I have free time, I fill it with books. When I'm at school,...

The story of prom, no matter what happens, will be one for the books.

Opinions: Rocca-ing the world: Ruling the night

A different take on Prom night
Lauren Rocca, opinions writer April 13, 2016

Prom season stresses me out unlike anything else. It literally takes over my thoughts and my errands. The to-do list is endless with picking out a dress, finding shoes, getting accessories, wondering...

Much like people pleasers, the Pinocchio puppet is controlled by other people.

Opinions: Rocca-ing the world: Puppet pleasing

Lauren Rocca, opinions writer April 6, 2016

Recently, I have realized that other people's’ needs matter along with my own. I am a die-hard people pleaser, and I used to be unsure of whether this quality is a good or a bad thing. Now I am...

I looked through the top 15 songs and 14 of the 15 were trashy rap songs, March 30.

Opinions: Rocca-ing the world: Music with a message

Lauren Rocca, opinions writer March 30, 2016

Lately, I have avoided the radio whenever possible. Whenever I do listen, I immediately have to switch the station, and then switch it again. It's like I'm in some movie with the theme song of a...

A man played his harp on the side of the street in Maui, March 15. I wish I would have gotten his name. That's my biggest regret.

Opinions: Rocca-ing the world: Harping on people

Lauren Rocca, opinions writer March 23, 2016

Spring break taught me that the vacation itself is not what makes the memories. It’s like having an instrument without any idea how to play it. All the bones are there, but if I don’t learn how...

A disabled iPhone like this is the same problem the FBI is having, except the iPhone they are dealing with is locked forever.

Opinions: Rocca-ing the world: High key risk

The FBI vs. Apple controversy
Lauren Rocca, opinions writer March 9, 2016

Every Friday, my Senior Composition class has a timed write over current issues. Last Friday’s topic got me more heated than usual. The topic was Apple’s refusal to unlock a phone that belonged...

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Opinions: Rocca-ing the world: Purple

Mixing the differences
Lauren Rocca, opinions writier March 2, 2016

Anyone who has taken Art Fundamentals knows about the color wheel. Some colors are complements, while others mix together to create yet another color. Some colors are on a dark end of a spectrum, while...

Take advantage of alone time by reading and relaxing.

Opinions: Rocca-ing the World: Me, myself and I

The benefits of time spent alone
Lauren Rocca, opinions writer February 17, 2016

Every weekend, and even week nights, a constant pressure to occupy my time with other people weighs down on me like a sumo wrestler standing on my back. Whether it's going out to eat after practice...

Police officers lend their presence to help people feel safer at school, Feb. 11 and 12.

Staff editorial: Moving forward

Time to focus on learning
EHS Hub staff February 12, 2016

As students of EHS, we are so proud to say that yesterday’s situation of a violent threat at school was taken seriously, not only by the administration, but by the students themselves. It’s amazing...

This is the first thing I saw when walking into Walgreens, Feb. 8.

Opinions: Rocca-ing the world: Cheese! It’s Valentine’s Day!

Lauren Rocca, opinions writer February 10, 2016

The other day I walked into Walgreens to buy some face wash and was slapped in the face with giant, pink teddy bears stitched with “BE MINE” or “I love you BEARY much” and red heart-shaped boxes...

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