Dads and Daughters Safe Driving PSA

Taylor Werges and Ethan Fine April 16, 2020

This public service announcement was created to bring awareness to the dangers of driving before the 2020 Eureka High School Prom. Unfortunately, due to this unprecedented time caused by COVID-19, Prom...

Front Row: Becca Newton, Lily Dean, Audrey Nettles, Kaylee Todd, Sarah Myers and Regan Peterson. Back Row: Maria Perez, Jackson Blackwell, Chase Baker and Kate Laubacker. Nov. 15.

Nationally-acclaimed staff

EHS publications staff goes to conference, comes back nationally recognized
Taylor Werges , reporter December 7, 2017

The EHS publications room is unlike any other classroom. With constant use of teamwork and problem solving, staff members use skills that cannot be acquired in any other class. Staffers gain skills that...

Norrim Holder (11), Michael Orso (11), Sara Mocker (10), Hayley Jakovich (10), and Cameron Robinson (10) play tug of war, April 29, 2016.

Out with the old in with the new

The Renaissance team has decided to no longer have a carnival
Taylor Werges , reporter November 16, 2017

    An Inflatable bungee race course that tethers contestants to the starting point, an obstacle courses that towers over classmates and requires crawling and bouncing through barriers...

All set

All set

Catpound finds new home in bleachers
Taylor Werges, reporter October 13, 2017

It’s Friday night and the streets of Eureka are quiet. The glow from the stadium lights of the football field serve as a beacon: it's Friday night football. The Catpound has filled the stand and they...

Do donate money

Taylor Werges, reporter September 28, 2017

Donating money can help buy supplies for victims or send a volunteer down to areas in need of relief.  Victims are left with nothing.  “We deploy local volunteers," Myers said. "We have...

Do donate blood

Taylor Werges, reporter September 28, 2017

Donating blood can help injured hurricane victims in critical condition. Myers noted the increased need of blood during times of disaster. Donating blood can save up to three lives, and it doesn't...

Don’t donate clothes

Taylor Werges, reporter September 28, 2017

A common first response to help others is to either donate money or clothes. Donating clothes can actually take away from the relief effort. The unloading, sorting, cleaning, transporting and distributing...

Don’t donate money to Go Fund Me

Taylor Werges, reporter September 28, 2017

Donating to Go Fund Me isn't the most liable way to help victims since not all 100% of the proceeds to directly to disaster relief. They automatically deduct a 5% fee from each donation that you receive,...

Do donate to ASPCA

Taylor Werges, reporter September 28, 2017

Donations can be made to ASPCA to help buy goods and make shelters for homeless animals abandoned during the hurricanes.  An ASPCA update from Matt Bershadker President and CEO of ASPCA mentioned...

Don’t call 1-800-Red-Cross

Taylor Werges and Sarah Myers September 28, 2017

The lines can get very busy with back-to-back hurricanes so close together. These victims need the help as fast as possible. Donating online is faster and more efficient. Red Cross still takes donations...

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