Last picture day and portrait package information


Underclassmen should have received their portrait packages from their seventh hour teachers, Sept. 27. Check with your seventh hour teacher if you are missing yours. Report any issues to your grade level secretary.

The last picture day will be 8 a.m-3:30 p.m., Oct. 9. Underclassman portraits will be on the stage in the large theater.

Any student who still needs their portrait taken will need to do so, Oct. 9, or they will NOT appear in the portrait section of the yearbook. 

If students want to retake their portraits, they need to being their portrait packages with them and turn it in to the portraiture photographer on the last picture day, Oct. 9.


The last picture day for seniors is also, Oct. 9. Seniors who have had their pictures taken already should have received an email to whatever account they gave Inter-State when they checked in before getting their photo taken. Students who are missing the email should contact Inter-State at 314.878.1800.

Any senior who would like to retake their portrait should do so, Oct. 9. Senior portraits will be in the small hallway in front of the large theater.

Any senior who still hasn’t had their portrait taken by Inter-State needs to do so, Oct. 9, or they will NOT appear in the senior section of the yearbook.