Enjoying lunch a different way

Madeline Karas, photo editor October 12, 2012

Chatting across a lunch table does not appeal to this group of hacky sackers when they are done eating, Oct. 11.. Nathan Stockell, Nathan Heidenfelder, Jacob Nagy,  Aaron Kane, Eric Hartsfield and...

Protect the parking lot

Madeline Karas, photo editor October 10, 2012

Mrs. Dianne Johnson's AP Environmental Science students pass rocks to fill the basin and tackle soil erosion by the creek in front of school, Oct. 9. "I know that the water's eroding off the grass, and...

Purple and Gold Day

Madeline Karas, photo editor October 5, 2012

Laughing together during second lunch, Catherine Richter and Madison Sanden (12) explode with purple and gold on the final spirit day, Oct. 5. "I get a lot of compliments, especially from teachers," Richter...

Bring on the balloon pop

Madeline Karas, photo editor October 4, 2012

Tying strings on their balloons, Emily Lackey and Shaan Muthukumaru (12) prepare for the Balloon Pop Game, Oct. 4.  In the game, they attach the balloons to their ankles and chase the other competitors, trying...

Sea of pink

Madeline Karas, photo editor October 3, 2012

On Eureka High School's third spirit day, Allison Gentry (12), Ella Burrows (11), Madison Welde, Gabrielle Herrick, Alison Wallner and Madison Deane (12) parade back to class flooding the halls with color,...

Noontime Activities: Day 2

Madeline Karas, photo editor October 3, 2012

Oreo cookies stuck to their foreheads, Thomas Leonard (10) and Forrest Nettles (11) try to be the first to dislodge the cookies from their foreheads into their mouths without using their hands in the Oreo...

Noontime Activities: Day 1

Madeline Karas, photo editor October 1, 2012

During the first day of the Spirit Games of Spirit Week 2012  at the noontime activities on day 1, Orion Guan (12), Joshua Landgraf (10), Taylor Seward (9) and Austin Dahl (11) compete to successfully blow...

Taking the wheel

Madeline Karas, photo editor September 28, 2012

Practicing driving skills in Mr. Trevor Grimshaw's 3rd hour Driver Education class, Matthew Butchart (10) uses a removed steering wheel because budget cuts two years ago called for the removal of actual...

Eureka strong

Madeline Karas, photo editor September 27, 2012

In 3rd hour P.E. classes, Dimitrius Marks (10) pushes down on Cameron Hertel (9) while he does push-ups to add resistance, during the army boot camp provided by Staff Sergeant Ronnie Cruz for "physical...

Photoshop this portrait

Madeline Karas, photo editor September 25, 2012

In graphic design 1, Kelsey Hunter (12) and Maddie Smith (11) work on self-portraits using Adobe Photoshop to combine pictures of their interests and what they like, to show more about themselves  in...

In depth study

Madeline Karas, photo editor September 24, 2012

In Mr. Keith Baramore's 2nd hour Principles of Biomedical Sciences class, Kristeel Suleiman (12) , Breena Patterson (11) and Abigail Hailey (12) study different types of tissues through microscopes...

A joyful surprise

Madeline Karas, photo editor September 20, 2012

Jumping up in joy, Lindsey McCoy (11) said yes when Trey Simms (12) asked her to homecoming during first lunch, with a pizza box holding a cookie cake that read "Homecoming?" written in icing, Sept. 20.

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