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All things EHS all the time


All things EHS all the time


Summer Job Opportunities

Summer Job Opportunities

Sydney McIntosh, Reporter May 14, 2024

With the school year coming to an end, students are looking for jobs to keep them busy during the summer. Some students struggle to find a job during the summer due to the age they are, or due to overstaffed...

Clearing the smoke

Clearing the smoke

Haiden Schoessel, Editor-in-Cheif April 18, 2024

On March 1, Eureka students were evacuated from their first class of the day due to a strong burning smell and hazy smoke being reported by both students and staff. Students were cold, as the temperature...

Yearbook photo of Sarah Goodman

Strauser Signing Out

Morgan Clark, Reporter April 18, 2024

Starting July 1, Eureka will be getting a new associate principal, Sarah Goodman. Goodman was a language arts teacher at Eureka for 12 years before moving to Rockwood Summit as the class of 2025 assistant...

Facets of Fast Fashion

Facets of Fast Fashion

Charlotte Williams, Reporter April 15, 2024

Fast fashion is something that has continuously had a huge impact on our economy. Fast fashion is a term describing the way companies mass-produce clothing in order to keep up with current trends. This...

ASL is a visual form of communication that  is used for the deaf community.

Keep Calm And Sign On

Sydney McIntosh, Reporter April 12, 2024

ASL at EHS is a popular class students take to learn the interesting background of the useful ways to communicate with deaf individuals. Not only is ASL helpful for outside-of-school situations involving...

Drunk Elephant is one of the popular products that are used by the Ulta kids.

10 Year Olds Dominate Ulta

Sydney McIntosh, Reporter March 1, 2024

When watching TikTok, you may notice a trend called “Ulta 10-year-old encounters”. This trend is implying the 10-year-olds that go to Ulta, looking for expensive makeup items such as Drunk Elephant,...

EHS accept acknowledgement of the purple star award
Provided by Dr. David Arledge

Missouri purple star award

Ash Thebeau, Reporter March 1, 2024

On Jan. 16, Eureka High School received the prestigious Missouri Purple Star award, being one of just a few schools in Missouri to have earned it. The Purple Star award is given to schools that are...

Images generated using Microsoft Copilot depicting various scenes.

Generating a new AI policy for Rockwood

Cameron Guest, News editor March 1, 2024

AI has become an increasingly hot topic both in society and throughout education. On Feb. 1, Rockwood School District implemented a new AI policy that unblocked AI resources like ChatGPT for all high school...

The volume symbol represents the muted sounds on TikTok

TikTok sounds go mute

Sydney McIntosh, Reporter March 1, 2024

You may notice on TikTok that a sound has been removed from one of your videos, maybe a popular song by a popular artist. Well, this is because the recording business, Universal Music Group has banned...

Rockwood School District Board of Education candidates

Peyton Wibbenmeyer, Features Editor March 1, 2024

Phil Milligan: “I was born and raised in Southeast Missouri near Cape Girardeau. I have a Bachelor’s degree from SEMO, Master’s degrees from the University of Illinois and Lindenwood University,...

Student views the EHS HUB home page via Chromebook.

Update Required: Technology Expectations

Claire Rickles, Associate Editor March 1, 2024

At the start of this year’s second semester at Eureka, new classroom expectations were set for Eureka students. Expectations for technology use were emphasized, with the new standard being that phones...

Join the 2024-2025 EHS Hub Journalism Program

Join the 2024-2025 EHS Hub Journalism Program

January 11, 2024

Important Information about EHS Journalism EHS Journalism centers around three student publications- The Bugle (News Production), EBN (Digital Media Production) and the Eurekana (Yearbook Production)....

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