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All things EHS all the time


All things EHS all the time


Tori Stuart, 12, with students in Mrs. Wickman’s class

Working towards the future

Claire Rickles, Associate editor November 20, 2023

Pre-Vocational Skills Program The Pre-Vocational Skills Program is a county-wide program that Rockwood offers to students in the Special Education Department. There are three courses taught at Eureka:...

Printing... (In production)

Printing… (In production)

Rylie Cepicky, Reporter November 20, 2023

With an abundance of staff members at EHS, it is easy for roles that are vital to running the school to go unnoticed. One job that is of significant importance to our school is the Production Manager,...

Donuts solve everything

Donuts solve everything

Peyton Wibbenmeyer and Sydney McIntosh November 20, 2023

Silver Spoon Ice Cream and Sweets is known for its delicious “super-premium” ice cream, as well as freeze-dried candy and several other homemade sweets such as brownies, rice krispies, etc. This company...

Lets get knitty

Let’s get knitty

Amina Philip, Reporter November 20, 2023

The Craft Fair is a fantastic experience to spend with family and friends. It’s a great opportunity to take a break, be inspired by creativity, and support local artisans. Plus, there are cool-crafted...

Remembering Andy Bedo

Audrey Watson November 17, 2023

September 29th, 1995; the Eureka fans filled the Oakville stands as the Wildcat football team flooded the field against the Tigers. Halftime changed the mood of the game as senior captain and Hit Squad...

New cats in the house

Rylie Cepicky, Reporter September 25, 2023

Vladislav Bugaev is a brand new foreign exchange student from Moldova.  “I am very happy I took this exchange year because my new friends, my new school, and my new family are all very different...

Black Lit Class Gaining Momentum

Black Lit Class Gaining Momentum

Morgan Clark, Reporter September 25, 2023

As talk goes around the school about a popular language arts class, more and more students are expressing interest in taking the course called Black Literature. This class is a semester course and can...



Sam Garner, Sports Editor September 25, 2023

Starting on September 20th at Eureka, those who participate in the orchestra or band have been given the option to join a newly formed symphony club. There had been symphonic classes in the past, but when...

Cynthia Cross, far left; Frank De Winne, center left; Sean Fuller, center right; Ken Podwalski, far right; answer questions about the Gateway Space Station

A Fuller Future

Porter Sayers, News/Opinion Editor September 25, 2023

Eureka High School welcomed an old friend to its campus on Friday, Sept. 19 to explore the minds of NASA’s Gateway Program. Several STEM and math students attended the presentation in the small theater...

You don’t need law school, you need theater

Peyton Wibbenmeyer, Features Editor September 25, 2023

According to Mr. Scheuer, Eureka High School’s theater teacher and musical director, Eureka’s 2024 Fall musical is an adaptation of the movie that came out in 2001, “Legally Blonde”, including...

Student Council works on class banner during Saturday work day.

Homecoming: BTS

Haiden Schoessel, Editor-in-Cheif September 25, 2023

Homecoming. What some would consider the most action-packed week of the school year. From spirit days to the Powderpuff game, there’s a tradition for just about everyone. All these traditions build up...

Places To Go Within 25 Miles

Grace Dunham, reporter December 12, 2022

Outside of school sometimes finding things to do for fun can be difficult, but in reality, there are many things close or even within 25 miles of Eureka and Wildwood to go do with friends or family. Six...

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