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I always have the latest news on-hand thanks to news apps on my cell phone. Whenever I find an article of interest, I love collecting more opinions from my closest friends: Valerie Carrizales, Morgan Fryman, me, Chloe Lozano and Nicole Breer (12).

Opinions: Nayak knows: Talking politics

Monika Nayak, editor-in-chief October 23, 2013

On a routine Saturday night, I can be found at Chloe Lozano’s (12) house surrounded by seven or eight of my best friends for a sleepover. We all find a comfy position in her basement, whether it is settled...

I adjust the clouds attached to the boxes that the Homecoming Court stood on during the dance after being introduced, Oct. 5. As a Homecoming Court chair, I was able to crown Josh Ocuaman (12) as Homecoming King that night at the dance. If not for StuCo, I would never have that opportunity.

Opinions: Nayak knows: Already reminiscing

Monika Nayak, editor-in-chief October 9, 2013

As a senior, I can't believe that I've already passed up so many StuCo lasts: my last StuCo Lock-In, my last class wall, my last Spirit Week, my last 7:00 a.m. StuCo Homecoming decorating and my last Homecoming...

My parents try to keep Indian culture alive in ourhouse, and decor is a big part of that. Along with the usual family portraits and vacation souvenirs displayed in any home, we have representations of Hindu gods and dozens of elephant statues. On the mantle in my living room, two Indian wedding elephant statues march in front of a framed picture of Krishna and Radha, two prominent gods.

The other statues along the mantle are of Ganesh, the God of wisdom; Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth and prosperity; Jagannath, Balbhadra and Subhadra.

Opinions: Nayak knows: Identified

Monika Nayak, editor-in-chief September 26, 2013

Being, Indian-American myself, I was absolutely elated when I heard that Ms. Nina Davuluri was named the first Indian Miss America, Sept. 15. Because I didn’t watch the pageant myself, I took to the...

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