Deadline checklist

Before you have anyone look at your story, ask yourself if your story has all of the following:

  • Engaging and illustrative photo
    • Uses at least three compositional elements
  • A minimum of three sides
    • At least three quoted sources per side (best local sources possible)
    • At least one of these sides contains an expert adult on the topic
  • Quotes that aren’t generic
    • Can I go to up to anyone in the school and get a similar quote from them?
  • Does your story contain data?
    • Is there at least one numerical statistic that can be tied to your story?
    • If your story has data, where did you get it from? Cite the source.
  • Defined conflict and message. Your story should answer these questions:
    • What?
    • So what?
    • Now what?
  • Put yourself in the shoes of a typical EHS student. Why should they care about your story?
    • Is it timely?
    • What is the proximity?
    • Is there a decent number of student sources?
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Deadline checklist