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Dear 2015-2016 Digital Media Production Staff:

Welcome to the beginning of a wonderful year full of visual storytelling and top-notch journalism. Each of you have taken on the challenge of DMP by signing up for the class and committing yourself to your fellow staff and the EHS-hub as a whole. Because of this, I thank you. Your love for videography goes beyond the norm, and I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you are going to do in this room .

The overall goal for the EHS-hub is to have the best coverage possible of Eureka High School students, events, and the community as a whole. Our Digital Media Staff can contribute to this through providing feature stories, news stories, ask and answered videos, promos, and other unique content. In addition to all of these categories, we haven taken on the responsibility of live streaming different sporting events, recording a bi-weekly podcast, and putting together a highlight film for the varsity football team.

Our official mission statement for the 2015-2016 school year is: Utilize the elements of audio and video together to tell the stories of the EHS community, exploring all innovative formats. This mission statement allows us to cover all three sides of our staff: videos, podcasts, and live-streaming, yet also allowing us the freedom to improve and expand on new, creative ideas. Hopefully, by the end of this year, we can confidently look back and see how much fun we had being trailblazers for a new medium in the world of student journalism.

Here’s how the year is going to work: we are breaking up the year into four week shifts. Different types of content will be worth a certain amount of days. News and feature stories should take about two weeks to finish planning, filming, and editing. Other projects that are worth two weeks include promos or public service announcements. Live streaming an event is worth half a week, and so does an ask and answered. Filming a football game or practice is worth different amounts of time depending on how much you actually filmed. There are many other options to explore including podcasts and tutorials. Credit for those has to be determined beforehand by myself or Mrs. Strecker. Despite her position in the government and us being the real journalists, she is queen and we must show her our respect.

In conclusion, I am asking each of you to give your all to this staff. Every member on our staff is a senior besides me. After the year is up you will never produce another story for the Hub every again. Make this year count. Don’t be the one who looks back on this class and think about all the wonderful things you should have done. Just do it. Go for it. Film that story you’ve been thinking of doing since Video Production. I will tell you right now that if you put your heart and soul into it, you can do anything. Thank you for being a part of the Digital Media Production staff. Together, we will do amazing things.

Stay classy DMP,

Nicholas Ryan Weaver, 2015-2016 Editor-in-chief

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