Staff Responsibilities

The following bullets are all considered an equal amount of work and the staff should strive to reach all of these goals.

  • Three 300-word stories over three weeks (one per week)
  • One 1000-word feature over three weeks
  • Six live-covered games over three weeks that are storified with interviews (two per week)
  • Three weeks worth of Photos of the Week (five photos that span all aspects of EHS life)
  • Six to nine canvas over three weeks, researched and thinglinked using quotes (two to three per week)
  • A total of three photo stories with narration

In addition to the above bullets, each member is responsible for the following:

  • Producing a Know/Inform/Care, rotating weekly in a rotation with all staff members
  • Sharing an interesting story from another source or sharing another publication’s website to the class every Friday in a rotation with all staff members.
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Staff Responsibilities