EBN: Haircuts for a Cause

Redefining Beautiful holds its annual Beautiful Lengths event, May 3
Taylor Balleau, feature writer May 16, 2014

EBN: Sounds of Room 704

Taylor Balleau, feature writer May 5, 2014

Life inside the publications room

Fifteen community members listen intently to Dr. Dennis Fisher, School Exec Connect Associate, as he asks his fourth question about the ideal skill set for a future superintendent, Jan. 13. The stakeholders took the initiative and contributed to the superintendent search by attending the open forum at the Administrative Annex.

Searching for a superintendent

RSD waves goodbye to Superintendent Terry Adams in search for a more permanent replacement
Monika Nayak, editor-in-chief January 30, 2014

All hail Superintendent Terry Adams for declaring six snow days in a row at the beginning of the semester. Cheers of teenagers echoed through the empty, snow-packed streets as students celebrated each...

Audrey Dames, StuCo member, counts the items brought in by Pushti

Collecting cans for a greater cause

Tiffany Skaggs, writer November 8, 2013

"The food drive unifies Eureka as a big family that helps with one great cause, feeding people who can't provide food for themselves," Payton Waterman (10) said. The food drive, held every year, has...

My Story: Christian Henry Day

Christian Henry and Nick Hoeflinger October 23, 2013

Christian Henry tells EBN about his story, and News Production students get a feel for what life is like in a wheelchair

My Story: Monika Nayak

Christian Henry, digital media staff September 24, 2013

1933 students, One Eureka...

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