Final exam information


Isabelle Estes

Working diligently, Jodi Mocker (10) writes information down in Ms. Allison Vohsen’s 7th hour 10th grade Honors Language Arts class, Dec. 2. It’s time to cram and study for finals next week.

Here’s all the basic information about next week’s finals. Don’t forget to take any materials needed for finals home this weekend.

Ac Lab schedule

The Ac Labs will be closed during final exams. The Ac labs will be open before school and during the normal bell schedule, Dec. 19. Like always, the testing Ac lab will be closed after school, but the math Ac lab will be open.

Monday, Dec. 19Tuesday, Dec. 20Wednesday, Dec. 21Thursday, Dec. 22
After schoolOPEN (Math)
CLOSED (Testing)

Library schedule

The library will be closed during final exams and after school during the half days, but will be open before school every day.

Monday, Dec. 19Tuesday, Dec. 20Wednesday, Dec. 21Thursday, Dec. 22

Making up finals

Those who will be absent during finals week have the chance to make up finals in room 727A from 3:30-7:30 p.m., Jan. 9-11, as long as they have the approval from their grade level principal.

If there is a snow day at any point during the rest of the week, the schedule for the rest of the week stays the same. The finals of the day that is affected will be moved to an altered full school day early next semester.

In the event there is a snow day Dec. 19, the 7th hour final will take place Jan 4.

Finals schedule

7th hour final8:16-10:16 a.m.
1st hour10:22-10:57
4th hour11:03 a.m.-12:21 p.m.
A Lunch10:57-11:26 a.m.
B Lunch11:26-11:56
C Lunch11:56 a.m.-12:21 p.m.
2nd hour12:27-1:02
3rd hour1:08-1:43
5th hour1:49-2:24
6th hour2:30-3:05
Day1st finalTime2nd FinalTime
Tuesday, Dec. 201st hour8:16-10:16 a.m.2nd hour10:26 a,m.-12:26 p.m.
Wednesday, Dec. 213rd hour8:16-10:16 a.m.4th hour10:26 a,m.-12:26 p.m.
Thursday, Dec. 225th hour8:16-10:16 a.m.6th hour10:26 a,m.-12:26 p.m.