Are you rockin’ with it?

Imagine the world with no music. Movies and car rides in the background are just completely silent. The world would be so bland. Musicians’ main goal is to make music that people can listen to and enjoy. 

The face of music has changed in this century with more young artists becoming more and more successful. Billie Ellish, one of the fastest growing young musicians is just 19 years old right now. It is not uncommon for musicians and bands to start becoming successful in high school and find their place. That is the main goal for many of these musicians walking around in the halls of Eureka High School, to make it big. 

Jadin Wallace (12) produces music beats, he started his journey just three years ago, “I have always been fascinated with music and how it was made,” Wallace said. “What really got me into Music production was my brother, Darrin, because he had been producing for years. I told him I was interested, so he taught me. What his specialty is he adds drums into his beats, and he strives to have that good bass in his work because of the special energy it adds.” 

Wallace plans on contouring his music in the future. “I most definitely see myself continuing my skills and becoming much better at what I do,” Wallace said. “Because if I do ever make it in the music industry the amount of success will be extremely worth it.” 

Ellen Nicolls (12) is a singer and songwriter. Music has been an outlet for Nicolls for a while, starting when she was just eight years old. She had always loved singing, so she figured this was bound to happen. Nicolls already has very big plans for the future. She believes music is really the only thing she has felt passionate enough to pursue. 

“I was recently in Nashville recording some stuff and the team that I’ve been working with was really excited about the things that we were doing,” Nicolls said. “It was really sweet and encouraging to see these professional musicians feeling all inspired by some songs that I, a literal kid, wrote in my bedroom. Since I’ve started taking music more seriously, it’s the best feeling in the world to be able to interpret and express your emotions in a way that other people will love and relate to. It’s highly therapeutic.”      

Tristan Borkowski (12) plays the guitar and the drums. Watching performances when he was young inspired him to do what he does today. He loves to be able to hear the music, improve it and make it that much better. He can listen to any drum pattern or lyrics, play something random, and it ends up fitting very well with the music. Borkowski plans on continuing his love for music and helping others with the same dream as his own.

I plan on going into some form of music as a career and ultimately opening my own recording studio,” said Borkowski.

Stormbound is a growing alt-rock high school band. The current members are Tyler Ing (Pianist), Scott Fletcher (Lead guitarist/Lead Singer), Jade Banta (Back up Singer), Collin Uberroth (Drummer), and Clayton Weckherlin (Bassist). They are all sophomores who are very passionate about music and want to grow more with their band. 

Ueberroth in just eighth grade was with a friend, who is no longer in the band, and they decided they wanted to start playing music for their own enjoyment. This later evolved into them finding new people with the same passions as their own. They started to take it seriously and realized they wanted to start a band, hence the creation of Stormbound. 

They are now working on originals which are set to be realized in a few months and even recently had their first concert. Stormbound’s dedication to writing and performing their own music is what they think truly sets them apart from the rest. 

“Our songwriting stands out from many other high school bands, and we’re more dedicated to producing music that people will listen to, but most importantly enjoy,” Weckherlin said. “What creates a unique relationship in our band is although we are busy we are willing to take time out of the day to sit down and practice for hours on end.” 

Stormbound has big plans for the future and plans on continuing this passion. The look forward to learning new methods and becoming better overall. 

“I’ve learned to write in a way that is different from most other bands out there, but also doesn’t seem unnatural or forced,” Fletcher said. “I think when we release music eventually people will see that.” 

Stormbound’s main goal is to continue what they are doing. They love the environment of just being with and playing music alongside their best friends. They plan on releasing new originals and performing and seeing how far that can take them. 

“We just want to progress as musicians because we all love playing and it only gets better the better you are,” Uberroth said. “It was mostly a coincidence cause it started with just two kids who played different instruments that wanted to make something out of it.”