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Carolyn Baremore

Carolyn Baremore has taught here for 21 years. She has taught a wide variety of classes, mostly in the Science Department. She teaches Biology and Cadet Teaching right now, but she’s taught Spanish, General Science, Living World, Two-Year Biology and Physical Science.

Jacob Peters (12) notices Baremore’s helpfulness after he moved here in the middle of his sophomore year.

“I moved here halfway through second semester of my sophomore year, and she really did a lot to make sure I was on the same page with her class,” Peters said. “She really helped me out.”

Abigale Kastner (12) benefitted from Baremore’s magic.

“Her teaching style 100 percent helped me learn,” Kastner said. “I literally went from a ‘D’ first semester to a ‘B’ second semester.”

Favorite class to teach

I would say Biology and Cadet Teaching are both my favorite. Cadet Teaching is fun because I get to go out and watch my kids go out and work with other little kids. It’s just very inspiring,” Baremore said. “I learn a lot from watching the other teachers.”

Favorite part of teaching

The kids. I just love to watch them grow,” Baremore said. “I’m lucky because I get them as freshmen, and then, what’s nice is that a lot of them then take Cadet Teaching and I get to see how they’ve grown and developed. It’s just a cool thing to see.”

Going  above and beyond for her students

I try to get to know each of my students, to find out what they need,”  Baremore said. “It’s my job to provide it for them. So just getting to know them personally.”

Something she wants all of her students to know

“I think of my kids as my personal kids. I’m not lying! They’re my kids, and I have very high expectations,” Baremore said. “What I expect of my daughter, I expect of these kids. They’re my family, and I don’t know if they know that. I hope they know that. They are my kids. I go home and I worry about them.”

Some of her favorite memories

That’s a hard question! Every day is a memoryn,” Baremore said. “Every day is a lot of fun.”

Why she became a teacher

I had the most awful teachers my whole life. In elementary school my teachers were always the worst teachers. In high school, I had some good teachers, but then when I went to college, they were awful,” Baremore said. “They were awful! I kind of made that shift of ‘you know what? I’m tired of having terrible teachers. This is not fun’ and I wanted to help kids. When I went to school, it wasn’t easy for me. I struggled, and I didn’t want anyone else to struggle.”


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