Mr. EHS Recap

Mr. EHS is a time-honored Eureka tradition. 21 competitors from Eureka clubs, sports and music programs were nominated to compete for Miss Missouri’s rose and to win the judges’ and crowds’ approval.

The theme was The Bachelor, based off of the hit reality TV show. The theme was executed by Eureka’s student council and the two hosts, Elena Walker and Leah Kleekamp.

The 21 competitors have practiced for weeks learning the group dance, rehearsing their talents and working to perfect their karaoke routine.

Here’s the competitors:

Mr. Band: Jonah Kunzler

Mr. Baseball: Jackson Kirn

Mr. Best Buddies: Aiden Valentine

Mr. CarCats: Dante Childs

Mr. Cross Country: Nick Corley

Mr. E!Crew: Jacob Hiebsch

Mr. etc…: Logan Deakin

Mr. FCA: Logan Forister

Mr. Golf: Drew Steffan

Mr. Hockey: Shay Nolen

Mr. Journalism: Carter Guntli

Mr. Lacrosse: Mason Mayer

Mr. NHS: Matthew Wittlich

Mr. OnStage: Dom Giorgio

Mr. Orchestra: Eugene Renner

Mr. Rugby: Adam Carrasquillo

Mr. Soccer: Cameron Kissel

Mr. Speech and Debate: Austin Welde

Mr. StuCo: Colten Koester

Mr. SWAT: Nolan Ortinau

Mr. Weightlifting: Will Nelson

If you missed it, here’s what happened during the competition.

The group dance

With each guy in their ‘dancewear’, the group dance was an upbeat number to start off the competition. With jump splits, regular splits and pushups, the competition definitely started off strong and intense. The final group pose was a crowd favorite.

At the end of the show, before the results were announced, the guys did an encore dance for the audience to enjoy.

Club wear

For club wear, each competitor dressed up in a costume or uniform that represented their club or sport. They were then introduced with their questionnaire answers, some of the questions included who they would choose to take on a date, who they would take with them to a deserted island and what they believed should be illegal.

After their introductions, they each gave a pick up line that related to their club or sport they were representing, all to win over Miss Missouri and the audience.

Intermission Acts

The song by Becca Grossman and Peyton Deakin was an amazing performance and an act to break up the show.

Aurora Smith played Just the Two of Us on the saxophone, an impressive performance and a big hit.


Band’s talent of folding laundry is every woman’s dream and definitely earned him points with the crowd. While he proved his abilities in the laundry room, he folded to Metallica.

Mr. Cross Country ran the pacer test as fast as he could, which was a comedic hit and had the crowd rolling with laughter.

Mr. Best Buddie’s song performance had plenty of audience interaction to score big with the fans, and overall was a fun performance as he sang Heaven by Kane Brown.

Mr. NHS and Mr. Speech and Debate found their place in the kitchen with a peanut butter and jelly making competition, with a twist of costumes and blindfolds.

Mr. SWAT serenaded the crowd with his guitar performance and his singing.

Mr. Journalism, Mr. FCA and Mr. StuCo showed off their ‘Gangnam Style’ to earn points with the crowd and judges, which their dance definitely did. Their coordinated dance was another comedic hit.

Mr. Weightlifting whipped up a protein shake to show off his cooking skills and help him lift that heavy water bottle off the stage.

Mr. ETC gave an outstanding performance that featured a piano and his singing. A definite theater veteran, Deakin had pipes and a stage presence.

Mr. CarCats told a story of friendship and being able to count, really connecting with the audience and making them laugh.

Mr. E!Crew and Mr. Onstage showed off their acting skills by acting out their favorite scene from the movie Stepbrothers. Their acting skills definitely wowed the audience.

Mr. Orchestra played All of Me by John Legend on the viola, making the judges and the audience impressed by his musical skills.

Mr. Soccer, Mr. Baseball and Mr. Golf threw down on stage with their WWE performance, a very intense competition hosted by Mr. Golf. A gruesome fight ended with a win for Mr. Soccer.

Mr. Lacrosse gave Mr. Rugby his arms during their sandwich making performance, complete with eating bread, sneezing into the lunchmeat and a mess with the mustard.

Mr. Hockey brought us all back to our childhood with the reading of Dr. Seuss. This dramatic reading was popular with the crowd as it was full of personality.


Mr. SWAT and Mr. Band performed Your Man by Josh Turner. Mr. Band perfectly executed the country accent perfectly and Mr. SWAT gave an excellent performance.

Mr. CarCats and Mr. Speech and Debate gave a titanic themed performance with My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. They definitely wowed the crowd with their wig and really belting out the song.

Mr. Weightlifting and Mr. FCA were popular with their Disney performance as they sang My Love is an Open Door from Frozen. They hit those high notes as they wowed the audience along with the acting bit at the end.

Mr. Baseball and Mr. ETC sang I Want It That Way by The Backstreet Boys for a crowd pleasing performance. They got the audience excited and gave a passionate performance.

Mr. Rugby and Mr. Best Buddies performed The Boys are Back with an upbeat and passionate performance and encouraged the audience to sing along too.

Mr. Cross Country and Mr. Golf sang You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful by One Direction to swoon the audience and Miss Missouri. The sunglasses were a nice touch to the performance and complemented their singing well.

Mr. Hockey and Mr. Journalism performed Careless Whisper by George Michaels with a dramatic touch and a very passionate performance. The high notes really got the crowd going and was a popular performance.

Mr. NHS and Mr. Orchestra sang Classic by MKTO for an impressive performance that was sure to impress the audience. Mr. Orchestra’s dance moves were an especially big hit.

Mr. STUCO and Mr. Lacrosse performed Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus for a very patriotic performance with costumes and some very impressive singing.

Mr. Onstage, Mr. E!Crew and Mr. Soccer performed California Girls by Katy Perry. This trio blew away the audience with their coordinated routine and their tutus.

Formal wear

Each competitor was accompanied on to stage by their mom as they showed off their best formal wear, their last all around event before announcing the 6 finalists.

The voting

As all the 4 competitions ended, it was time to tally the judges’ votes and the fan votes.

The boys also voted on the competitor who made the competition fun and was supportive all around.

Mr. Congeniality is Mr. Best Buddies.

The Fan Favorite is Mr. Band.

Mr. EHS is Mr. Orchestra.