Spring break recap

This year’s spring break was not only a great getaway from the constant stresses of school and the work piling up nearing the end of the school year but also a great way to see the spring break destinations of many students around EHS. In asking a couple of students questions about their spring break getaways there were many patterns noticed about specific areas visited.

The most common destinations noticed were cities in Florida including, Sarasota, Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Pensacola.

“My family mainly spent time at the beach, but we also went to Disney World one day in the middle of our trip”, Ellie Gramlich, 11, said. Similarly, Georgia Clancy, 9, said, “I also spent most of my time at the beach over the break. That’s normally a yearly thing for me and my family. We just go and hang out down there for the week”.

Another place that was very populated over the week break was Cancún, Mexico where seniors spent their final spring break as high school students.

On the other hand, while many students took advantage of their week break in a tropical environment others spent their time in the cold,in places like Breckenridge, CO.

“I and my family went to Colorado for the break because we love to ski and would rather spend our time in the mountains rather than on a beach. I’ve been skiing since I was like two years old so I really enjoy it and my whole family skis so overall it’s a really good time and we had fun,” Lily Delmain, 9, said.

Spring break 2022 was definitely a great week for all students to get some time away from school but also to get out and travel.