Hidden gems, Helpful features on Outlook accounts

A student’s email account can be an extremely useful tool for them throughout their high school career, but do they really know just what is included in their account? 

The accounts are not only available for email use.  Students have a wide variety of other programs at their disposal like the calendar and the office.  

“This year we’re really trying to market some of the other programs like the Skydrive, office programs, and even a new program in which students can synchronize content from their home computers with the SkyDrive,” Mr. Will Blaylock, Instructional Technology Director, said.  

The new SkyDrive program allows students to save up to 25 gigabytes worth of documents, pictures and video without having to worry about carrying around a flash drive. 

To use this feature, students need to log on to their Microsoft Outlook account, and under the “More” option, click SkyDrive.   Within SkyDrive, they can create or save documents just as they could on a regular flash drive. 

In the upper left corner, the Office icons appear, allowing for documents to be created and accessed within SkyDrive, whether students are at school or at home.  However, students should be aware that Microsoft will scan for copyrighted material.

“I would advise students not to upload copyright material because Microsoft does scan for copyrighted material,” Mr. Blaylock said. “If you’ve got your  favorite album that you’ve stolen off a site and your trying to share it with your friends , Microsoft will find it.”

Furthermore, the Outlook account has a sharing feature.  Once documents are created, students have the ability to choose to share documents with other Outlook users.

These features, while extremely beneficial in high school, can also be used beyond graduation.  Though many things are left behind by students after high school, their accounts won’t be. 

“Students can keep their accounts as long as they would like, even when they are out of high school,” Mr. Blaylock said.

As far as legalities go, the outlook accounts have no special rules because they are school based. 


“Just don’t use it to trade copyrighted material or any other kind of illegal activity,” Mr. Blaylock said. “It’s just like any other email so communicating with friends isn’t an issue.”


The student accounts on Microsoft Outlook are a great tool for students to communicate with each other and their teachers, throughout all their years of school.  With the multitude of available features, this resource can continue to help students succeed.