EHS Glory of Missouri winners chosen

Each year, 14 senior students from Eureka are chosen to travel to Jefferson City and receive a Glory of Missouri award in the capitol building.

Each winner is chosen based on one of the traits engraved on the senate chamber’s ceiling. Students are nominated by teachers.

The 2012 EHS Glory of Missouri winners are:

Connor Tinen- Knowledge

Hannah Wischmeier- Liberty

Antionia Carter- Equality

Erin Meyer- Law

Sabby Reed- Justice

Parker Levy- Fraternity

Chris Dieckhaus- Education

Chelsea Harris- Progress

Taylor Schulz- Honor

Leslie Nicol- Truth

Ben Southards- Virtue

Cade Netscher- Temperance

Vineeth Bhuvanagiri- Enterprise

Nicole Roman- Charity

The winners will travel to Jefferson City to receive their awards, March 5. The students will also go on a tour of the Missouri capitol building.