Meet Dr. Cain

After a long and strenuous process, the Rockwood School District has selected the newest edition to the Rockwood Staff, Superintendent Dr. Curtis Cain.

Dr. Cain grew up in Wisconsin and settled in the St. Louis area about nine years ago, where he has worked as a superintendent in the Wentzville School District.

Throughout his time in Wentzville, Dr. Cain has successfully navigated through problems associated with COVID-19 and more.

Due to his accomplishments in the Wentzville School District, Dr. Cain was nominated for Missouri Association of School Administrators 2022 National Superintendent of the year, and, on February 18, Dr. Cain was named the 2022 National Superintendent of the Year.

However none of this could have been done individually, Cain stated the importance of collaborating and working together as a team is of the utmost importance to help maintain the proud image of Rockwood.

“Everything we do in the district is based on how we work as a team, and I think that that has built a reputation and really some link to what we have been able to accomplish as a district that I’m really proud of. You hear me say ‘we’ a lot and that’s because it’s not about one individual it’s about the team, especially when you’re dealing with a large school district,” Cain said.

Dr. Cain has expressed his excitement for coming to work for the Rockwood School District and plans to help the district maintain its sense of community and helpfulness towards students.

“This is a very proud district that has a reputation of community support, supporting what happens with students and community engagement. It has a very proud history that I am excited to join in terms of setting up part of the team that will be working to serve students in the future.” Cain said.

Dr. Cain plans for his time in Rockwood to be dedicated to the students and helping everyone in the community return to normalcy.

“I think personally and professionally, the more we return to normalcy, the better we are all going to be, the more that [students]are all in school interacting with friends, interacting with staff, the better we are going to be,” Cain said.

Dr. Cain believes that Rockwood is a very special district and hopes to help Rockwood grow to be better.

“I am excited to join in terms of setting up part of the team that will be working to serve students in the future, but there’s a reputation with Rockwood that is very special, its one that is earned and it’s not just fluff, and there is a sense of pride and my goal is that we not only go on with that but we enhance that moving forward. We’re gonna be here for all kids, all 20,200 of you, we are going to be here for each and every student,” Cain said.

Dr. Cain has expressed his enthusiasm for working with the Rockwood School District and can not wait to help better the district and enhance its proud reputation.