Prom Preview

Prom is a big part of the high school experience, so let’s talk about Eureka High’s 2022 prom.

Prom is on May 7, 2022, at Union Station. Check-in begins at 5:30, doors to the hall open at 6:00, dinner is at 6:30, and the dance ends at 10 pm.

Every year eureka has a theme for their proms so this year’s theme is ‘A Tale as Old as Time’.

“We as a school start planning in November and have several committees for prom, including decorations, court, music, favors, invitations, and pictures,” said Mark Mosley, StuCo sponsor.

Prom court is also another prom season staple. The ballot to nominate people for prom court has closed, but there will be another ballot with the names of the top nominees.

But only juniors and seniors can vote. Now some of you freshman and sophomores might be wondering: can I go to prom with my junior and senior friends?

“They can only go as a date of a junior or senior,” said Mosley.

Now what are some stereotypical prom things, One thing that everyone thinks is a big prom thing is having a date, especially for your senior prom. I feel that going with a group of friends is as good as having a date.

Next, the traditional long dress for girls and suits for guys with all the fancy limos and flowers, but honestly if you wanna wear a short dress go for it and limos don’t change anything it’s just a different form of transportation.

Prom can be done in many different ways, but StuCo hopes to see many students participate on May 7.