McBride Polo Field looks to build new conceptional homes off of Highway FF but is met with resistance

As conversation sparks around Eureka of the “No McBride Polo Field” signs everywhere, many people are wondering what they mean.

The McBride home building company is planning to build 101 homes off Highway FF on the Polo Fields where Southern Spring Farm is located. In the past several years over 800 houses have been built in the developing neighborhoods, Windswept Farms and Mirasol.

Families living off FF are opposed to the conceptional homes being built. Audrey Schmelz and her family who live near the new potential home site are one of the families who oppose the idea of homes being built.

“We are more against it because it’s going to cause more flooding, feeling more cramped, potentially more things in the future and longer bus routes,” Schmelz said.

On the other hand, she thinks that there is some positivity that could come from it like a larger community to communicate with, safer neighborhoods and more opportunities for new buildings. It’s a unanimous thought that most people living on or around highway FF are opposed to these houses.

This area of land has been known to have problems with flooding and building houses in a location where flooding is frequent, many homeowners will have issues with this.

As of now the bill to get these homes built was passed 4-3 meaning McBride is one step closer to building these homes. At this point families are waiting for the next step, nothing else has been said about the construction.