Speak Up: Now that students can text between classes, are students more or less likely to text during class?

 “Well I’ve seen kids text in class so I think they’ll be more likely to do that,” Jennifer Mezaros (9) said. 

 “I actually think that they wouldn’t [text in class],” Marleena Ghattas (10) said. “If they can’t in class they can just do it during the passing periods when they’re allowed to and not get in trouble for it so they think it would be better to not text in class and just wait half an hour to just come in the hallway and do it.”

 “I think kids will be more likely to text [in class] since now they can start conversations in the hallway,” Katie Engsberg (11) said.

 “I think it’ll probably be the same as last year just because the passing periods are only 6 minutes long so it won’t be that dramatic of a change,” Garret Fowler (12) said.