The college experience and proud Eureka moments

I have spent the past two weeks on a college campus taking classes and doing various activities in order to earn three hours of college credit.

I’m sure many wonder, “Is the college life really all it’s talked up to be?”

The answer is yes.  The nutty and fascinating professors, the mediocre and sometimes terrifying cafeteria food, the late nights in the dorms doing ridiculous things that wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t two in the morning, the overall lack of sleep—it’s all true.

The most important fact about college can be summarized into a simple statement: it’s a blast.  Indeed I think I will enjoy the college life and there’s no doubt that those years will contain moments that I’ll cherish forever.

Through all this thought about life after high school and my future, however, I found myself reminiscing on the moments that make me proud to be a Wildcat.

Watching the school come together after the shocking death of Delonte Campbell or seeing the entire school stand at the Renaissance assembly in thunderous applause as a special needs student marched out to center court to accept his P.E. student of the year award are priceless moments that will be etched in my memory for many years to come.

These are only a couple examples of the truly unique and special atmosphere that students at Eureka High School get to experience and be a part of.

From what I have experienced so far, I can say that Eureka has prepared me for a life beyond high school and has left me with values and memories that can only be found at Eureka.

Indeed the college experience will be a great and memorable time for everyone. But the unforgettable Eureka moments will remain a sweet reminder of the privilege that being a Wildcat truly is.