Letter to the editor: Head principal outlines why bond issue is necessary

The Bugle (Vol.76, Issue 6, March 15, 2012)

I am writing in regards to the article, “Too Close to Call”, written by Dane Roper.  I commend Mr. Roper for having a range of sources and opinions in his story.  It is important to hear from both sides of the issue as well as from the people that will be impacted by any decision made.  In the article the following statement was given to Mr. Roper: “I feel like the bond issue was used towards so many unnecessary things and with the new bond issue they are just getting more unnecessary things.  When I look at all of the proposed projects for the campus, I don’t want any of them and I don’t think we need any of them.”

I began working at EHS the year Gym A (new gym) opened.  That was nine years ago. The next project was the Large Theatre. After that project I began overseeing EHS bond issue projects, including:  a 2-story wing (22 classrooms), Music wing (renovated/expanded), FACS/Art wing (10 renovated classrooms), New Library-Media Center, renovated/expanded world language wing (9 classrooms with listening lab), and the front entrance (6 classrooms with guest check-in & attendance office).  Within these projects are several other improvements that align with our long-range facility plan.

When I became the junior class assistant principal nine years ago our enrollment was around 1,350.  We currently have 2,000 students enrolled for the 2012-2013 school year.   The aforementioned projects specifically addressed the addition of over 600 students to our campus.  The need for additional instructional classrooms became the highest priority.  Increasing enrollment over 40% caused these rooms to take priority over areas such as locker rooms.  I invite anyone to visit with me and discuss the rationale behind facility decisions and provide input.  I believe we all would walk away from such a discussion with a more informed position on which to base our opinions.


Deborah Asher, Principal