Opinions: A Paige from her book: Lively library

Christian Horn (12) studies in the library while finishing up his lunch, Sep 6.

Christian Horn (12) studies in the library while finishing up his lunch, Sep 6.

Being at a library can feel like being at a funeral. It’s a bit uncomfortable because it is so quiet and no one  really knows how to act because the rules are never clearly stated. All of that is changing this year thanks to Mrs. Janie Pickett, new head librarian.

This year the library is being referred to as “the Wildcats one-stop spot.” The library is a place people can go to before and after school to meet with friends.

Last year, I never really wanted to go to the library because it felt like a stifling enviorment, but now the overall enviorment feels like a place I would want to go to meet with friend.

Now food is allowed in the library in the main reading area. Prior to this year, food was strictly forbidden anywhere in the library.

This change makes going to the library more convenient because students can go and eat lunch in the library. Even before school students can go and eat breakfast with friends without feeling like they are doing something wrong.

Throughout the year, on Fridays, Mrs. Pickett wants there to be food and drinks available outside the library. On the first day of school there was snack foods and coffee outside the library for students. Having food as a lure to get people into the library is a brilliant idea because it makes the overall feel of the library more welcoming.

Mrs. Pickett has given the library a different feel that is apparent the second students walk in the door. Mrs. Pickett greets every one that comes into the library in order to make everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. Last year, I felt just like another student when entering the library, but now with Mrs. Pickett’s friendly greeting, I feel truly welcomed.

I know next time I have downtime my initial thought will be to go to the library to catch up with friends or eat a snack while I work on homework. The library is no longer like a funeral; rather, it has a renewed life about it.