Opinions: Politically Correct?: Trending #Debates

Opinions: Politically Correct?: Trending #Debates

Last week I prepared myself all week, anxiously awaiting October 3. I couldn’t wait for the first presidential debate of this election.

I watched my news apps all day Wednesday, looking for the politcal experts’ predictions of who would do better and what would be said.

When the time finally came to watch the debate, I curled up on my couch with my laptop beside me tracking the trending topic on Twitter: #debates. I couldn’t wait to see everyone’s opinions and impressions of the debate.

I was so excited, like a kid finally being able to watch Saturday morning cartoons after a long week.  

I realize this isn’t the normal reaction for a 17-year-old preparing to watch a political debate. My parents and friends even poke fun at me sometimes for being so involved…but, I love it.

As the debate proceeded, I listened to the two candidates talk about domestic policies and their plans for the country. Next to me my Twitter feed was teeming with the political views of my peers.

Tweets  from classmates started showing up with content like “go Obama” or “go Romney.” Some offered a positive perspective on the debate saying that it was good to see everyone involved and others stated that 17-year-olds need something better to do with their lives other than follow politics.

It was back and forth banter concluding with one crisis: should teenagers care about politics?

I concluded that the most shocking Twitter update stated that 17 and 18-year-olds talking about politics should do something better with their lives.

This tweet bothered me so much because it was a direct insult towards politically engaged geeks like me.

I follow politics like someone would follow sports. I chose which party or politician I like based on stats like someone would choose a favorite team or player. I read up and follow up every day.

It’s a hobby for me; a hobby with an outcome that affects the nation as a whole.

Through all biased tweets, I do understand the other point of view. I’m not interested in sports so it’s hard for me to see what people find interesting about it. I’m assuming that’s how people feel about politics. They just don’t see the appeal.

So, I’m not bitter about the debate tweets. Actually, my favorite part about the debate was hearing everyone talk about it Thursday morning, even if the commentary didn’t reflect my beliefs.

I’m just happy to see some many people my age getting involved with what’s going on in the country since it directly affects them.