Opinions: Dell’s intel: Fall fashion taking over

Sweaters, flannels and florals, oh my!


Lauren Dell

Fall Fashion is hitting the scene at Forever 21 in the Chesterfield Mall.

Now that summer has come to an end, the upcoming fall fashion is hitting the stores.

This seasons trends are continuing with the flannel fad and comfy, oversized sweaters.

Something new this fall is floral. I know, floral in fall is something you don’t see, but don’t stray too far from it.

Dress up your outfits with floral kimonos or subtle floral tops. Just be cautious on how you wear it and what you put with it, such as don’t put it with too bright of colors. Remember it’s fall, not spring.

Flannels are always a good way I complement my outfits when I don’t really feel like dressing up but still want to look fashionable.

Jeans with a flannel is never a bad move. To find the best quality flannels, drive down to a local thrift store. I recommend Savers or Red Racks, they are affordable and classic.

SWEATERS. No matter what decade it is, oversized sweaters are always needed. I dress them up with necklaces or scarves or even dress them down. People can dress bulky sweaters down by paring it with leggings or other comfortable pants. They are a fashionable way to stay warm.

Places to find good quality sweaters are Forever 21, H&M, Express, and pretty much any department store. These sweaters can range from $12-$30 depending on the style and its fit.

No matter how you wear them, sweaters are always comfortable and fashion forward.

Also, the regular winter pastels, varsity jackets and cardigans, earth tones and bright warm colors are always a must. Pretty much anything but the dark tones.

For boys, the fashion is unchanged since last year, but this season stores such as Forever 21, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hillfiger have been bringing back the varsity jacket and flannels.

At Forever 21 or H&M you can find sweaters for around $14-$30 but if you looking for more high end pieces, like Ralph Lauren, it can go into the $70’s and up.

But boys if you are looking for Ralph Lauren sweaters for cheaper you can find those at the Macy’s for around $60 and up.

Boys should also not be afraid to try out some sweaters. Girls love when boys can dress well.

Boys and girls fashion this season both include logo long sleeve and short sleeve shirts. Most of these you can order online, but if you don’t like online shopping there are also some stores in the St.Louis area that sell these types of shirts.: Fun In the Sun Sports and Leisure in Kirkwood and also Mister Guy Clothiers.

Fashions to stray away from are oversized, obnoxious, faux fur clothing. Some fur on coats and other clothing is okay, but once its all in the face is when it gets rough.

Shoes are also a big deal in fall. It means bringing back the boots. Tall boots are a necessity. Places to find nice boots are DSW, Aldo, Nordstrom and many more. All boots will range from about $50 and up.

Great boot colors are the classic browns and creams. They will match with everything you can image for the perfect fall look.

With a new season, comes new styles. Stay up to date with the latest fashion and dress for success.