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Finding my bliss and balance


Lauren Dell , Opinions writer

High school students today are too caught up in the academic aspect of their high school careers.

Now there is nothing wrong with focusing on grades, but as a teenager I need to be able to have fun and wind-down on occasion. A big part of high school is having fun, and doing what I love.

All students have different interests and activities they enjoy, but I like to go to concerts.

Concerts may not be relaxing on the beach, but  it’s a way I let all my stress out.

Dancing and listening to some of my favorite music artists while being with my friends are incredible life experiences.

Sure I spend $500 a year and well over 35 hours of the year going to these events:

  • Mike Stud
  • Huey Mack
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Riff Raff
  • The Neighbourhood
  • Life in Color
  • Timeflies

Even my classmates ask, “Why so many concerts?”

There lack of appreciation for the concert saddens me. People don’t realize the experience of going to a concert.

The getting ready, waiting in line and pushing my way to the front are the best parts of the concert experience.

It’s the anticipation of waiting and finally being there that really gets me pumped.

Yeah I could get elbowed in the face or have someone kick me while attempting to crowd surf, but it’s all for the experience: the feeling of the bass booming through my chest or chilling out and swaying along.

The only bad part of concerts is when they ends and reality hits.

It’s hard to explain, and if you’ve been to a concert you understand where I am coming from. There is just something about concerts that gives me a tremendous high.

Academics during school time are important, but I also need to be able to have fun and let go of all the stress that comes with the hard work of school.

Going to concerts is what helps me. May be if more people found their stress reliever school would be a less tense place.