Opinions: Dell’s intel: Homecoming hassle

Homecoming is around the corner and girls are starting to scramble for dates.


Frank Canida shopping for homecoming date

Homecoming is getting closer, and girls are making a big deal about getting asked.

Girls every year add so much pressure on boys that boys don’t even want to ask anymore.

I don’t blame them. Every year when girls post how they got asked, I can see the progression of how ridiculous the proposals are. There has been girls being ‘kidnapped’ by their dates, and some boys have even put a giant decal on a truck in order to ask the girl to Homecoming.

Getting asked now isn’t really about having a date anymore or having a fun night. It’s about how cute the guy asks, and how many likes the girl can get on social media, like Instagram and Twitter.

This added pressure irks me.

The whole point of Homecoming is to have a bangin’ time with friends, get all dressed up and dance all night. But now it’s all about impressing followers on social media.

Why does it matter how someone asks me? I should be happy I even got asked in the first place, right?

A simple bouquet and candy should be fine, but now people have to go to the ends of the earth to just ask a simple question.

Guys have bought their dates expensive jewelry from Kay or Jared, and even created a fake crime scene with a clever proposal to match. 

Some girls don’t even get asked, and do we see them throwing a fit? No.

Girls don’t always need a date. Going with friends is fun, too.

With friends, I don’t have to deal with the stress of a date, and I can just be me.

Girls just need to calm down and stop trying to one-up every other girl in school. Let’s just appreciate the fact that someone wants to spend a memorable night with us.