Opinions: Dell’s intel: Keep an open mind

Opening myself and just listening


I am so lucky that I kept an open mind, and I get to keep all these wonderful people as my friends

Lauren Dell, Opinions writer

I worry about how judgmental we are. How about we keep an open mind?

Here’s the scenario, my best friend gets involved with another one of our friends, and they date. They become a couple for two years. And we are all friends.

Then the inevitable happens. They break up.

So that leaves me in a predicament. Which friend will I lose? Because I can’t possibly keep both, right?

Well, I refused to accept that inevitability.

As always happens, she talked to me for days about the break up. And he talked to me for days about the break up.

The stress of trying to please one of my friends without “talking” about the other was the hardest part. They both wanted to hear different things, but I couldn’t bring myself to say anything.

I decided that I needed to keep an open mind and just listen. Not say anything but just hear them out and where they are coming from.

My friend lost feelings for a girl and I can respect that. My other friend was left heart broken and questioning all hope in boys.

I told my girlfriend that in life sometimes people lose feelings; there may not be a reason but it just happens. People fall out of love.

When someone does something that affects me badly, I work to keep my mind open as to why she would. I have to look beyond myself. I have to have faith in relationship and dig into all the positive we’ve shared.

I could have taken sides. Lord only knows they wanted me to. I would have had to have chosen my girlfriend.

And we would have missed out on so much. He was my go-to study buddy for AP World. His corny jokes always made me laugh while we tried to learn about the boring history of the Han Dynasty.

I couldn’t lose two friends that bring laughter and great times into my life, so I kept myself open to the changing parts of them in order to keep them.