Opinions: Dell’s intel: Best time to wear a striped sweater

Look good and stay warm this winter


Lauren Dell, Opinions writer

Winter is here, ladies and gentlemen!

Snow falling to the ground means we need to break out the winter fashion.


Accessorizing for winter is always a must.

I am always cold so I accessorize with soft scarves, cozy mitten/gloves, hats and fuzzy leg warmers.

Infinity scarves are amazing, one big circle of soft, fashionable fabric. Infinity scarves add a clean and adorable look without the hassle of the dangling sides of the scarves.

Cute hats/beanies/ear warmers help to keep my head and ears warm when I have to walk into school. They also make a great accessory when I go out with friends to the movies or out to dinner.

Leg warmers and knee high socks are the BEST. They go with any outfit, and I can dress an outfit up or down when wearing them. I have cream and gray leg warmers with lace on the end that I wear to add a little flare to my outfit plus keep my legs warm. Macy’s has a wide selection.

Wearing pattern tights with dresses can help spice up a look as well, i.e.: patterns, lace, stripes, flower, etc.

Statement coats help to keep me warm in the low temps, and they look good with more dressy outfits: a pea coat or a long furry one. Longs coats with elegant dresses is great for a date or going out with friends. Forever 21, H&M, Banana Republic all have statement coats for $30-$100 and up.

When I’m worried about my outfit looking bland, I use vests. Vests are great when I want to stay warm but don’t want to sweat all through math class. Fluffy vests from Patagonia or even simple statement vests from Forever 21 are great additions to any look.

Boots that stop right below the knee or over the knee boots have been on top of the style charts for the past couple of years. When it comes to boots, keep the colors in the browns or blacks. If I go to another color I could possibly end up ruining them due to snow. Aldo and DSW are where I get most of my boots, leg warmers and tights.

Oversized sweaters, chunky turtle necks and layers help keep the warmth in as well. H&M, Altar’d State, and Francesca‘s all have a wide selection of sweaters ranging from $10-$50.

I like to keep my colors more on the cool side, navy, blacks, burgundy, etc. I also love to have my creams and browns in my outfit, too. Creams and browns won’t wash me out as much as the more darker colors. To find out what colors drown me out I usually try on different colors and see which works best.


Sweaters are awesome. I don’t see as many guys wearing them as I would like. Guys, if you think you can’t pull off a nice polo sweater, you most likely can. Anyone can wear a sweater. Ralph Lauren and H&M have great selection of sweaters and pullovers. Ranging from $30 to over $100.

Go for the quarter zip sweatshirts, too. Quarter zips keep a guy warm and let him dress it up with a simple scarf or dress it down with sweatpants.

Aldo’s also carries good shoes for men. Modern day oxfords and winter boots can help dress up any outfit. Tan bucks and wing tips are also great shoes to dress up any outfit. 

All of these fashions are simple and easy ways to look good during the cold temperatures.

Winter may not be my favorite season, but the clothing selection is always cozy and cute.