Opinions: Dell’s intel: Christmas Spirit

Everyone deserves a Merry Christmas


Lauren Dell

Gifts await the five sisters underneath my family’s Christmas tree, Dec. 8. I look forward to wrapping more for them.

Lauren Dell, Opinions writer

With Christmas around the corner families are scrambling to buy their moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas and of course their children gifts.

But there are many families out there that aren’t able to light up their children’s face on Christmas morning.

National Center for Children in Poverty  stated, 45% of children in the U.S. live in low-income families. While 22% live below the federal poverty level.


I want to help to give back.

This Christmas I want to give to families in need to get in the Christmas Spirit. Some of the best memories I have are opening gifts with my friends and family around my Christmas tree.

Christmas is not only about gifts, but also giving back. This Christmas season I have been given the opportunity to do so.

I know sisters who have been taken away from their mother: five girls from ages 5-13.

The girls are currently living with their aunt in her house, which is not a house size suitable for five girls whatsoever.

The aunt doesn’t have much money for the girls to give them the Christmas she hopes for. She also doesn’t have many necessities to keep these girls well either.

She is now a mother figure to these girls at least for the time being, and as a mother she wants the best for her new kids just like any other mother would. But with her situation, it is hard.

So, I volunteered to help gather some items for these girls. Clothes, jewelry, games, etc.

Thinking about the girls and how hard it must be to not be with their mother and not being able to have a merry Christmas breaks my heart.

That is what the season is all about. Getting family together and being beside the people I love.

National Honor Society is doing the Adopt -A -Family for the holidays. All of the NHS members have to bring in items or money to help the family out this Christmas. Key Club also collected 133 coats for people in need.

Organizations like NHS and Key Club reach out to help make Christmas that much better for everyone, especially families in need.

To give back to people who are in need is the best gift we can give.