Opinions: Dell’s intel: Working out a new resolution

Now that the New Year is here everyone is making resolutions, but who will actually keep them?


Lauren Dell

I sit and wait on the floor of the gym annoyed and frustrated because I can’t get my hands on a set of weights, Jan. 12. I am “weighting” my turn.

Now that the New Year is here all I’ve been seeing on social media is everyone’s New Year’s revolutions.

The most common resolutions: getting in shape, spending more time with family, going to church more, etc.

These are all great goals to achieve, but will these people actually be able to pursue them?

Before I make a resolution I really think it through and then decide if I want to keep up with it.

I used to think “Oh this will be easy,” when I would think about a resolution.

No, it’s not.

Keeping up with a goal is hard.

I know I don’t have what it takes to stick with it.

I go to the gym regularly and because the New Year is here the gym is packed. It’s that fun time of the year when the regulars get to wait 10 minutes for the machines they usually get to walk right up to.

I give it until February for everyone to be gone. 

If I was to make a resolution for the year, I would have to plan it out and mentally prepare myself.

Before I commit, I have to plan a schedule and make meal plans in advanced along with a workout program.

I started working out a lot over summer, and have I stuck with it. The key was making it a priority and creating the time to do it. (The reward of Smoothie King at the end also helped A LOT.)

In school, if I want a good grade in a class I have to commit to it and reach for the end result. I will never get that “A” in Algebra II if I don’t do my homework or study the material.

What I have learned is that today… this day… ANY day is the day to start changing.