2018 fashion predictions


Grace Miller

Lily Dean (12) poses, Jan 1

2017 fashion signaled the onslaught of several unusual movements: fishnet tights under everything, the revival of the scrunchie and even the lowly Croc shoe making a comeback. However, with a new year, there are several rising trends tobe aware of. Here are my 2018 fashion predictions based on the runway couture, street style and social media trends that influence the way that people will dress in the coming year.



This ribbed fabric  was a staple of ‘70s fashion but promises to make a major comeback in 2018. While streetwear influencers such as Ana Gimeno have been spotted donning this trend, trendsetters are taking this fabric to the extreme; check out this full corduroy suit seen at Paris Fashion Week Spring ‘18. However, this trend best lends itself to smaller doses. Adding a corduroy accent to an outfit, such as a skirt, pair of tailored pants or a jacket can add texture and depth to a look without going overboard on the trendiness. When done well, corduroy can be both a lush and classic addition to any wardrobe.


Statement earrings:

Brace yourself; bold, chunky earrings will be the accessory of choice in 2018. However, this year will bring a fresh take on this classically ‘80s trend focusing on simple shapes like hoops and fringe. This trend is simple enough but can dramatically change even the most understated looks from basic to fashion-forward.


Mixing bold prints:

While bright colors and florals are a given in any spring collection, major fashion houses such as Marni and Gucci showcased leopard prints and florals paired with neon hues and plaids. Streetwear at Paris Fashion Week also reflected this trend with influencers wearing stripes with multiple floral prints. While mixing bold prints is an intimidating trend, it can be fun to experiment with and allows a reprieve from the mundanity of a neutral outfit.


High-top sneakers:

Low top sneakers have been in the forefront of fashion for the past few years, especially considering the success of styles like the Adidas Superstar and Vans Authentic. While you can’t really go wrong with these classics, high top sneakers will steal the attention in 2018, with the release of several styles like the Nike Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe and  collaborations like the Jonathan Simkhai x Reebok Classic Freestyle Hi. High top sneakers can be paired with virtually any outfit and are sure to be a streetwear staple in 2018.



The classic Parisian hat has been spotted on streetwear influencers, celebrities and plastered across social media in the late months of 2017. Berets are sure to be one of the simplest and classiest trends to gain traction in 2018, due in part to the accessibility of the item. A beret adds a classic element to an outfit and doubles as a way to stay warm in the frigid winter months.


Wide-leg pants and bell bottoms:

Forget your skinny jeans, 2018 will be all about flare. This ‘70s style will heavily influence pants, making all kinds of wide-legged trousers such as culottes and bell-bottom jeans the go-to fashion statement. Streetwear at Tokyo Fashion Week and Tibi’s Pre-Fall 2018 Collection both support this trend making it a matter of time before this movement hits the mainstream.



Plastics are the unconventional textile that will seep into the fashion world in 2018. Helmut Lang’s latest drop included a pair of clear plastic shorts, modeled on their Instagram page by artist Solange Knowles. Plastics in different forms have also popped up in street style, like during Milan Fashion Week. This trend presents itself as difficult to wear in everyday situations, but plastic raincoats and accessories like patent shoes and chunky sunglasses make it more accessible to those interested in trying it out.


Faux fur:

Many fashion houses, such as Gucci, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger have banned the use of animal fur, as consumers and influencers alike become more vocal about the ethics of using animal skins for fashion purposes. However, faux fur was huge on social media this winter and many brands, such as Maison Atia, are keeping up with the demand by producing faux fur garments that will be popular even in the spring months.


One of the most luxurious-looking textiles, satin is set to make a major appearance in 2018 with many designers incorporating it into their spring collections like Beaufille’s Ready-To-Wear pieces. Calvin Klein’s Spring 2018 collection also showcased satins, this time in menswear.  Romantic and elegant, satins can add depth to a look when contrasted with more structured fabrics such as denim or leather.


Sheer Socks:

Possibly the most impractical of up-and-coming trends, sheer socks are set to become the accent piece of choice in 2018. There are many takes on this trend, including metallics and pastels. Pairing sheer socks with heels or strappy sandals is a creative way to integrate this trend into your typical attire.


‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s nostalgia:

‘90s trends like high-waisted mom jeans, scrunchies and colorblocked windbreakers ruled the fashion world in 2017 and these trends won’t be going anywhere in 2018. More nostalgic trends like leopard prints, wide leg pants and turtleneck shirts will surface, so get ready to raid the thrift store (or your mom’s closet) for vintage finds.


Cargo pants:

Cargo pants are the ugly but practical trend that will be adopted by the most daring of trendsetters in 2018. Balenciaga’s Spring 2018 Ready to Wear collection showcased this piece heavily, and with the recent resurgence of ‘90s style, this style is set to comeback, if only for a short while.


In conclusion, 2018 will be a year of trends focusing on nostalgia and unconventional textures with designers and street style alike bringing more depth and balance to the chaos of 2017 fashion. Have fun experimenting with new textiles and bringing back past styles.