Opinion | Fine Tuned | September 16


Each Friday, new music swarms streaming platforms across the world. As millions of artists push to have their music heard, very few are able to stand out among the masses. Here are my takes on three upcoming artists to watch out for: 


Meet UMI, a young songwriter from California. UMI is an angelic blend of Ella Mai and SZA, bringing out the best elements of both with her lo-fi beats, simplistic lyricism and her hip-hop/indie crossover. 

UMI got her start like many artists do lately, just by posting covers to YouTube and SoundCloud during high school. 

Her top song, Remember Me, has amassed nearly 16 million plays on Spotify alone. And the best part — the song wasn’t even written about her experience. As she revealed in the Complex story, UMI dropped the song after she wrote about a friend’s heartbreak that she empathized deeply with. 

UMI just wrapped up a tour with bedroom-pop icon Cuco. Now, she is preparing to head out as support on Conan Grey’s The Comfort Crowd tour. The tour will make a stop in St. Louis at the Pageant, Oct. 29. 

Aaron May

The next artist is Aaron May. May is fresh out of high school. Barely a legal adult, May sounds like he’s been in the rap game for a decade. 

He has a developed voice and flow over beats that could’ve been made by an award-winning producer, when, in reality, they were most likely made by a kid in his mom’s basement. 

May’s music strikingly resembles that of J. Cole, considered one of the top rappers to ever take over the game. 

With his young age and growing expertise, there is no doubt that May is someone to look out for. 

Some of May’s best works include his songs “Ride,” a single May wrote when he was just 16, and “Let Go.” 

Dominic Fike

Third is Dominic Fike. Fike is an enigma. Up until about a couple months ago, there was very little information online about Dominic Fike or where he came from. Now, he is making headlines on Complex and the Boston Globe. 

His sudden rise to fame can be credited to his 2018 release, “3 Nights,” which rose to the top of alternative charts this past summer. 

Almost a year after it’s initial release, Fike’s debut EP, “Don’t Forget About Me, Demos” is growing into itself. Songs like “Babydoll” and “She Wants My Money” are the album’s standout tracks, aside from “3 Nights.” 

Fike gives off a very lo-fi vibe, which makes sense as the EP was recorded in his home while on house-arrest.

Imagine an even more laid-back Rex Orange County with deeper tones and smoother croons. That is Dominic Fike.