Students share their opinions on Eureka’s new lunch shifts


Tess Summers

Maddie Kacer (11) and Oliva Crain (11) sit at the lunch tables now limited to five students.

With second semester returning to the regular seven class schedule, in-person lunch returned, in a very different format compared to past years.  Previously at lunchtime, you could sit as many people at a table as you’d like, we had “Flex” time and the 2 assigned lunch shifts. 

This year, students choose 4 other friends to sit with them for a total of 5 students at each table, have 4 assigned lunch shifts, and no Flex time. When asked opinions on the style of the new lunch schedule, students had a wide variety of responses.

Harper Lashley (12), says, “I don’t [like the 4 different lunch shifts]just because there are just less people in each lunch, I guess in order to have lunch we have to be COVID safe so we have to spread it out, but personally, I’d rather have, if COVID wasn’t a thing, I’d rather have less spread out lunches.”

Other students share the same opinion.

“I miss that there’s no Flex and you can’t pick your lunch shift anymore,” Kenzie Dingley, (11), said. 

Additionally, lunch has caused a whole new set of social problems for students to have to worry about, now that there are fewer students in each lunch and there are only 5 students at a table. 

 I have friends that I want to eat lunch with and it’s just like you have to like pick and choose who you sit with and sometimes it’s not with the people you want. Not saying that they aren’t good, I’m just saying like you have to pick from a certain few,” Kevin Emmanuel, (10), said. 

Other students, however, disagree, finding the benefits to having the new lunch system. 

“I like the schedule of being spread out because it gives a break between classes if you have the middle lunches,” Kylee Pickens, (9), said. 

The new timing of lunch benefits students in the timing of the period. 

“I like the 4 from this year because it’s more spread out and we can have more time to get to lunch and have more time to get lunch and sit down and like talk and hangout with people – whereas last year it was only 2 and we had like limited time, so I really think this year is better,” Ahren Sims, (11), said.