Maddie Nemkovich: How to be unbothered


Being unbothered is such a hard thing to do. As someone who is sensitive and emotional, it is so challenging to just not care. I’m trying my best to stop caring about little, petty things that are insignificant. Although I may not be able to give the best advice, there is one person that comes to mind when it comes to being unbothered: Maddie Nemkovich.

I interviewed Maddie about her tips to stop caring about what other people think or say.

“I think the biggest thing for me was going through so many hardships, going through traumas that you wouldn’t ever expect. Through those experiences, you grow and you understand your self-worth,” Nemkovich said.

Negativity is always on the internet and in real life; learning how to deal with it in a healthy way is key.

“I think everyone’s different. Everyone has different viewpoints, especially in the gym. There are some people who judge you on what you’re doing. I take it as motivation. I just think I want to push myself to be better and if someone is talking down on me, I think they’re probably jealous of what I’m doing and that I’m confident. I’m doing something that is successful for myself,” Nemkovich said.

Receiving hate is an unpleasant feeling. It may create forms of self-doubt or insecurity.

“I feel like realizing it is not a reflection of yourself, it is a reflection of themselves and just like understanding and having that in the back of your head. Take it with a grain of salt,” Nemkovich said.

Maddie expands on her mentality as blossoming into a strong, confident young woman.

“If you’re having that what-if question in your head, I think you should try and go for what you actually want. You can laugh, you can hate. It’s not your life and I just think it’s sometimes hard when it’ll just stop you for a second, but then you use it as motivation and continue with your life,” Nemkovich said.

Words may hurt, but it is important to move on from them. It is insignificant to your self-worth.