Girl’s soccer start-up

Spring sports are starting up and among the teams gearing up for the season is one of Eureka’s most successful programs: girl’s soccer.

The team believes the key to their success just involves a little hard work and effort.

“The season has been going pretty well. We are 3 and 2 at the moment with two losses against two good opponents (St. Joe and Nerinx), but we definitely still have some work to do collectively as a team,” said junior, Grace Dunham.

The team has a lot of new talent this year, making the main challenge getting to know each other’s playing styles and learning how to work together.

“We are just figuring out the game altogether and still have a lot more to grow on collectively but at the end of the day we are a very strong team and will continue to prove ourselves on the field,” said sophomore, Stella Erimeta.

However, the team is determined to succeed regardless and give it their all.

“I would say as a team our main goal is to have a great run this year which means that we always have to give 110% effort each and every time we step into the field,” said Erimeta.

The team tries to be their own cheerleaders and makes sure to constantly motivate each other.

“The team environment is really positive and we support each other really well during games and at practices,”’ said Dunham.

Motivating each other comes easy when the team also feels like a family.

“My favorite part of the team is just coming together as friends. We are all friends off the field somewhat and we have a good time at practice with the coaches,” said sophomore, Kori Robinson.

The girls are excited for the season and to get the opportunity to play for their school.

“My favorite part about being on the team is not only that I get to be playing with some of my best friends but the experience of playing for your high school and the Catpound being there to cheer you on,” said Erimeta.