Selbert’s Next Chapter

Standout lineman Justin Selbert commits to Princeton


Cara Brotherton

Lineman Justin Selbert prepares for kickoff against Oakville, Sept 23.

“Exceptional. Hardest worker I know. Tough. All-American Dude” are just a few words varsity football offensive coordinator Tyler Wasson uses to describe senior lineman Justin Selbert.

Selbert stands at 6-foot-4 and 275 pounds to anchor a dominant line on both sides of the ball. Last year after a standout junior season, Selbert was voted by the Missouri Football Coaches Association (MFCA) to Third Team All-State.

Many college programs became interested in Selbert’s services as an interior offensive lineman after a strong season in 2021. He was the lead blocker about 80 percent of the time for a dominant Eureka rushing attack that scored 38 touchdowns and ran for 2,859 yards. Selbert drew interest from Harvard, Kansas State, Yale, Princeton, and a slew of others. After visiting these schools, he landed on his next chapter at Princeton University.

“I fell in love with Princeton: the coaching staff, the campus, the degree, they had everything I wanted and I liked the surrounding community,” Selbert said. “It wasn’t a big change of pace, not completely foreign to me.”

Selbert’s story is more than just football. He boasts a 4.4 grade point average while taking many rigorous AP courses as well as being a National Merit Semifinalist. His key to balancing school and athletics is to keep academics first and make sure to allocate time for homework.

Selbert advises younger athletes to learn how to balance sports and school.

“Focus on academics, student comes first in student-athlete, and know what you need to do if you choose to play college sports,” Selbert said.

Selbert is applauded by many for his outstanding character. In the Eureka-Ladue District Semifinal game last year, Selbert played the entire game with a high ankle sprain and a broken wrist and didn’t complain once according to his coaches.

“He does everything the right way, he practices the right way, he works out the right way, he goes to school the right way, he eats lunch the right way, he’s textbook, that’s why he’ll be so successful in life,” Wasson said.
It’s not just football coaches who think this about Justin. Michael Hanna, his Calculus proctor, and AP Statistics teacher praised Selbert’s dedication to academics.

“He’s a strong student, he’s always engaged, very knowledgeable,” Hanna said.

As Selbert is in his final season, his goal for the remainder of the season is to win a District Championship. Even if the Cats don’t win districts, Justin Selbert will leave a legacy for his work ethic, kindness, and athletic achievements.