Inside the Golden Line Huddle

Dance team works year-round to perform on the big stage


Cara Brotherton

Eureka Golden Line huddles up before their half time performance to share advice and prepare to dance.

Moments before the Eureka Golden Line steps into the performance light, they huddle together. The dancers use this as a moment of calm to get into the right mindset before a performance.

In the huddle, the girls share thoughts and advice to prepare each of their teammates to do their best on the field. They hype each other up and try to match that energy to their performance on the field.

“During the huddle before we go on to perform, I feel a lot of anticipation. I also feel a lot of love and support from the other girls. I know that I can go on and give it my all and really execute every dance move,” Abbie Lasley, 9, said. 

The Golden Line features 17 girls from all grade levels that perform at football and basketball games. Outside of EHS sporting events, they compete at regional and national competitions.

The team consists of four senior captains, they get interviewed at the beginning of the season and are chosen based on specific leadership qualities.

“Changing from a junior to a senior, I definitely feel like I have matured a lot and now I know more about teamwork and what needs to happen in order for us to succeed,” Captain Mia Fornwalt,12, said. 

The unity and determination of their teammates inspire each of the girls to perform their very best for not only themselves and their teammates, but for former teammates as well.

The dancers honor former teammate Natalie Timm, who passed away in 2014. For every dance, before going out and giving it their all.

“The seniors and anyone else who has something to chime in on will get everyone pumped up to dance and we go around in a circle saying ‘I’ll do it for you if you do it for me’. Then we blow kisses to each other and say ‘I’ll do it for you if you do it for Nat,’” performer Lexi Titus,11, said. 

A perfect performance is not easily put on. Fornwalt describes the work that goes into perfecting their routine every week.

”Seniors are in charge of choreographing all of our routines for the football games. It takes a lot of time to cut all the music, make forms, and choreograph. We definitely have to have a positive mindset because it takes up a lot of our time but it is definitely worth it in the end,” Fornwalt said.