The domino effect, New administration for a new year


When you build a line of dominoes, hitting just one will cause the rest to fall.  In the same way, losing just one principal has caused a domino effect throughout Eureka’s administration. 

“The domino effect occured when I took the interim position for principal that left my position open which had to be filled which was filled by Mrs. Strauser which left her position open which had to be filled and was filled by Mr. Klages.” Mrs. Deborah Asher, interim head principle, said

This domino effect put two familiar faces at Eureka, Mr. Bradley Klages, assistant principle 10th grade, and Mrs. Jennifer Strauser, associate principle, into new positions as administrators.

Both principals are on interim contracts for this year, but both have expressed interest in continuing at their new positions.

Mrs. Strauser, associate principal, who used to be the assistant principal 9th grade, now has greter influence than before.

“My job as associate has mainly three parts,” Mrs. Strauser said. “I am dealing with diversity, student interventions, and professional development.”

What this means is that she deals with cultural diversity among our school, helping students in tough situations succeed, and also training teachers so they can reach their full potential.

“These are the things that I’m excited and passionate about” Mrs. Strauser said.

Mr. Klages on the other hand served as a math teacher at EHS for nine years but now is the assistant principal 10th grade.

Outside of school, the two administrators have kids of their own. Also both really enjoy watching the Cardinals.

“I like to play with my kids,” Mr. Klages said. “I also like golf and watching my Packers.”

Mrs. Strauser  likes to go on the river, spend time with friends, read and cook.

With a four out of the seven principals in the building new to their positions, Eureka is once again apart of change.  The domino effect has put new people in the position to serve the school, as a new line of dominoes goes under construction.