Kicking into gear, Boys soccer has hopes for this season


Eureka soccer has always made our school proud with countless victories and hard work, and after spending some time practicing with the team I now understand why. 

Right away the team exemplified their training and discipline going straight into the warm up routine.  While I struggle in the back just to breathe the team looks strong and determined in lines ready to conquer the heat of the day.

On the field down below the freshman were starting their warm up as well. 

“It’s the most talented freshman team we’ve had in a long, long time,” Coach Gary Schneider, Varsity Head Coach said. “The future looks real bright especially with the freshman we have and the many that have moved up into JV and are contributing to every game.”

The team looks promising with its biggest competitors still to be tested. 

“Some of our main rivals will be of course Lafayette because that’s our senior night game this year, and also Parkway South who we lost to at districts last year,” Says Luke Fornwalt, Varsity Senior.

The varsity team has also added a new assistant coach who has been doing a great job. 

“Coach Hannah has exceeded expectations,” Coach Schneider said. “He’s jumped right in and made the team his own and he’s doing a really, really nice job so I’m really glad he came.” 

After a lap around the field and my life seeming to flash before my eyes because of the heat, I came to notice just how useful being on the soccer team is. 

“They’re going to learn discipline, there going to learn teamwork, everything that will help them above and beyond high school,” Coach Schneider said.  “Not just sports but life, they’re going to learn how to be a good teammate, how to work hard and get results by working hard, and they’re going to learn disappointment and that’s part of life too.”

So after shooting and dribbling my legs could do no more and I had to say goodbye.  As I looked back and saw the dedication that was out on the field, I began to wonder just how great the soccer team will be this year, and how great it will be in all the years to follow.