Increasing honor, Changes in the honor cord system


For the first time this year a new honor cord system will be implemented during graduation.

“I do know that other schools in our district have honor cords for departments,” Mr. Dan Thoman, senior principle said. “For several years it’s been brought up whether we should do the same thing.”

You can earn honor cords in 14 different departments in our school. Each department has different requirements.

In the five core subjects, Math, science, social studies, language arts, and world languages, the requirements are 8 semesters of coursework, at least a 4.01 GPA, no semester lower than B, no more than two B’s, good character traits, department approval and must apply.

The other departments that give out honor cords are Art, Business, Computer Science, Debate, Drama, FACS, Technology Education, Journalism, Music, and PLTW. 

“I think the honor cords will help encourage students to do better in their classes and work harder,” Alicia Buness (12) said.

Students also think that the system is great because “everyone has an equal opportunity to get something,” Harry Guo (10) said.

One other great thing about the new system is you don’t have to be great at every subject to be recognized at graduation as a great student.

Along with introducing this new honor cord system, beginning in the class of 2013 Eureka High School will no longer recognize the valedictorian of each class.

The reason being “There are people who feel that kids shouldn’t be pressured about their GPA and focus more about what they are taking instead of what their grade is in the course,” Mr. Thoman, senior principal.

Students, Staff, and Family Members will see many changes in the upcoming graduation which will hopefully help students become more successful.