Eureka establishes Gay-Straight Alliance


Ian Bailey (11), hangs signs to advertise for the Gay-Straight Alliance, Sept. 21.

Where everyone is supported and included, never excluded.  That is the motto by which the recently formed Eureka Gay-Straight alliance abides by daily, in their attempt to create an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance. 

The alliance is headed by students Zebelon Harleman, Ashley Burden, and Jessica Meszaros.  All three worked to create this club in order to establish a place where differences would be overlooked, and students could come together and talk about issues as friends. 

“It’s a place where gay people and straight people can come together and be involved with one another in order to let everyone feel welcome.  Everyone should feel welcome and together as one, not separated by their sexuality,” Harleman said.

The group has received mixed results from the student body.  There have been multiple instances of the clubs signs being ripped from the walls and the groups sponsor,

Principal Deborah Asher, thinks that there is perhaps a misunderstanding within the school. 

“I think that one misperception is that the gay straight alliance is a gay club or gay organization.  It’s important to us that it’s focused on a gay and straight relationship and that we all understand where each other is coming from,” Asher said. 

For years students at Eureka have proposed ideas similar to the Gay-Straight Alliance but there have been many obstacles that have prevented its creation.  This year however, a well dedicated group of students along with Asher have banded together in hopes of launching a mindset of acceptance as well as understanding in our community.

“For the last three or four years we’ve had interest in the club and in the past the kids didn’t follow through because they were busy.  So at the beginning of this year when it came up again, I immediately said I will sponsor it, because I felt that it was very important to get the organization on its feet,” Asher said.

The club sends a powerful message about support and advocacy for acceptance and the importance of educating one another about our differences in order to create a harmonious society within our community.