Hirth named Under Armour All-American


The Under Armour All American Game is a national event that allows the most premier high school football players in the nation, to play together in a game that showcases their high levels of talent.  Within the halls of our beloved high school walks one of these elite and gifted athletes.

Senior Zach Hirth, has been given the privilege to play in the game that has featured many current NFL stars such as A.J. Green, Julio Jones, and DaQuan Bowers.  Zach is one of two long snappers to be given the opportunity to play in the game, making him clearly one of the best in the nation at his position.  This one of a kind athlete wasn’t entirely aware of just how good he was until this opportunity presented itself to him.

“I was real excited when I found out about everything. I didn’t believe it at first,” Hirth said. “It’s just a great honor to play with all the top athletes in the nation.”

His commitment and hard work are what stood out to his coach and his teammates.  Not only does Hirth have the long snapping duties but he also makes several appearances on the defensive line.  His versatility and poise under pressure is what makes him such a dynamic part of the Eureka Wildcat football team.

One of Zach’s long time friends and teammates, Sam Taff, has been at his side throughout the entire experience.

“Zach’s a great guy, a good friend, and an all around great person,” Taff said.  “He’s worked so hard and he really deserves it.  I’m really proud of him.”

Hirth’s player video on the Kohl’s long snappingcampweb siteis proof of his abilities. From 15 yards out, Hirth was money on several attempts. Every snap looked identical. Additionally, the camps helped Hirth not only snap but react after the snap. He’s a sound blocker who has the athleticism to cover punts effectively.

“As far as the tools go, he’s got everything,” Kevin Garviolle, lead snapping coach at Kohl’s and someone who has trained multipleBCSsnappers, said. “He’s got great, long levers that support his ability to snap with great velocity. In my eyes, the thing that separates him from others is his competitiveness. He does what it takes to get himself to the top.

Although Zach has not received any offers yet, but there is no doubt that soon enough multiple top programs will be competing for his services.  Whatever school ends up getting Hirth, will surely be pleased with what the talent they are receiving.