New parking lot, new problems


As the construction begins to come to an end, students start to feel the change and have mixed emotions.

During the second week of school, the new parking lot was completed and seniors with spot on the side of the gym received notice their spots would be moved. All spots on the side of the building and the last 10 spots of the first row were given spots in the new lot.

“Generally, the students’ reactions were unhappy,” Mrs. Cindy Hirsch, secretary to the senior class principal, said. “I felt for the seniors and understood them being upset.”

For most of the seniors, the reaction was negative because they felt teased.

“I went from being so happy to having one of the best spots in the whole lot and then suddenly I was moved to a new spot at the opposite end of the parking lot,” Ellie Garabedian (12) said. “It was an adjustment at first, but it ended up not being as bad as I thought. It would have been a lot better if the lot would have been finished a week prior.”

While some seniors felt the opening of the new parking lot was damaging, it had benefits to other students.

“We were able to accommodate the wait-listed students,” Hirsch said. “We were also able to give juniors who had quadrupled up two spots so they could split up.”

While this relieves parking burdens for a lot of students, it still angers others.

“I don’t think it’s fair,” Maddy Melton (12) said. “I turned my forms in a day late and have a spot in the last senior row, but students who did the same things get a spot in the new parking lot.”

While these frustrations are understandable, students also realize that the change needed to be made and ultimately no one is losing anything.

“We needed more parking for students, staff, and visitors,” Hirsch said. “Overall, it was much needed.”

Though the transition to the new parking lot was rough, it will prove to be beneficial in the years to come.