Sharing success


With student’s accomplishments shining and hope for addition, Mr. Joe Gianino, social studies teacher,  has a board worth sharing. 

 Being a new teacher can be a big change and take some time to get used to the school, but Coach Gianino has a great idea to ease in.

 Walk into his room, turn right, and see the board taking up most of the wall with all of its pictures.  Currently, most of the pictures are of the football team, but he hopes that soon other sports, activities, and academic accomplishments with be highlighted on the board.

 “I actually took the idea from my brother Ralph Gianino who’s also a teacher here,” Joe Gianino said.

 Everyday students do great things that need to be acknowledged, and Coach Gianino intends to do just that.

 “Any accomplishment by a student goes up there; it’s not just for sports,” Gianino said.

 Showing these pictures is a great benefit for a classroom allowing entertainment and awe for his students, while also showing his pride for other students.

“I think since students are always looking around the room I try to incorporate some of my teachings on the walls,” Gianino says.

Coach Gianino isn’t the only one that thinks the Board it’s a good idea, his students have noticed as well.

“It’s pretty cool all the stuff he has on it, but I think it will be better once more people learn about it and add to it,”  Briant Nickens, (12), said.

It’s a great feeling to know that our teachers have ideas like this to help show their care for the students and their accomplishments, and will continue to find new ideas.