Brian Pahl wins State Fishing Tournament

Brian Pahl (11) won his third straight State Fishing Championship, and his fifth title overall, Oct. 23.

Brian Pahl began fishing competitively when he was 11 years old because his dad thought it would be a fun thing for them to do together.

“I usually compete in about 6-10 tournaments a year,” Brian Pahl said. “This year I won two of the tournaments I was in.”

Brian Pahl enjoys competing against people in big tournaments.

“I’m pretty competitive so it’s fun fishing against other people,” Pahl said.

In the recent State Tournament he reeled in a 2.87 pound Largemouth Bass as his biggest catch of the weekend, Oct. 23. The biggest fish he has ever caught in competition was an 8 pound bass.

What sets Brian Pahl apart as a Fisherman is his work ethic.

“I go to the lakes to practice before the tournaments, I have a lot of great equipment, and I really like to fish,” Brian Pahl said.

“He researches the lakes and goes to blogs to see what other fisherman are using and what is biting that time of year,” Brett Pahl (9) said.

Brian Pahl has traveled all over Missouri, fishing on lakes like Lake of the Ozarks, Table Rock Lake, Mark Twain Lake, and Truman Lake. Pahl has also traveled to places like Kentucky Lake, Lake Kinkaid–an Illinois Lake–and even Logan Martin Lake in Alabama for the Fishing World Championships in 2006.

Brian Pahl has competed all over the state and even traveled out of state for fishing. He has won quite a few different tournaments and really enjoys fishing. One of Brian Pahl’s biggest accomplishments as a fisherman was his State Tournament victory in October.